Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Today was interesting, depending on how I looked at it. I’m super tired so just the highlights. 
I did so much better with maintaining tranquility in my demeanor and interactions today. I only lost it once or twice. But I don’t want that to be the focal point. I would rather focus on blessings. 
There was a Relief Society (women’s organization) activity tonight. I had signed up to bring a pie for refreshments, forgetting about the plethora of allergies I now have. But there was a pumpkin pie base recipe I had been dying to adapt and try.
I messaged the lady in charge and explained that I couldn’t find a good pie recipe that could accommodate my allergies, could I bring in a gluten free-dairy free pumpkin bar treat instead? She responded that my request was an answer to her prayers. She has been worrying about what to do for the women who are gluten free, and there are quite a few. She has been very concerned about how to accommodate everyone to ensure all were included. When I asked if I could bring a gluten free dessert to share, she was flooded with relief. 

What I learned from this was yet another witness to the goodness of God. He is so mindful of each of us. He knew that the woman who had organized the whole activity was worried and concerned about how she could help others, and so He prompted me to reach out to her in a way that alleviated her fears. He knew that I love pie and really miss making them, but He knows me and my determination to go around trials and setbacks like that, and that I wouldn’t give up until I found a good recipe. God blesses His children by us, through us. We can be instruments in His hands to answer prayers, bless lives, offer needed help, or even to just be a friend. I am so grateful that I was listening and that Heavenly Father knew He could trust me for this little task that helped to bless the whole day for someone, in the most delicious way possible! 

On a side note, I think I need to add pistachios to my list of food allergies. Sigh. 

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