Wednesday, January 20, 2021

If one were to glimpse my day, as moments in a photograph, it would appear serene and full of peaceful happy moments. And they would see truth. Minus the serenity, that is. But those photographs, those moments show truth.  

But they wouldn’t see the whole truth. 

They wouldn’t see that while I am trying to do my morning scripture study, the set up so picture perfect and deceiving, I am actually sitting in the middle of a war zone. Little boy war whoops and battle cries ring around me while bouncy ball missiles (sometimes) narrowly miss me. Little bare feet pound the fake wood floor, chasing after the wayward ricocheting bouncy balls. Screams of delight and laughter echo  throughout the house and I can’t help but join them in their infectious laughter.
While my heart and soul long for a peaceful moment in which to feast upon the words of Christ, there is a satisfying and fulfilling joy in hearing these peals of mirth and excitement. Come autumn, Vince will be in kindergarten, and Kip will be going to preschool, and I will have quiet moments to study. Or shower! But I think I will miss the thundering little feet and spontaneous hugs, or the story reading demands while I am in the middle of washing dishes. There is something so endearing about the simple joys little ones find in everything. 

Just the other day I was remembering how I used to be like that. I would get so excited and happy over little things. I would squeal and kick my foot up and to the side because I could find such joy in everything! I somehow lost that, I realized. So I have been working on rekindling that joy and light heartenedness. And what better teachers than those two dear boys? 

Of course, they may very well be the cause for my crisis living that I seem to have been doing for the past four years. 😳
On Monday I had a migraine so I went to the store for caffeine. Jeffrey was home but Faye was watching the boys. In 20 minutes times, my family room  became host to a kitchen experiment. This was after cleaning up a bunch of other messes they had made that morning while everyone was still asleep. Maybe I won’t miss these memorable and delightful morning bouncy ball wars so much when weighed against the level of destruction that 2 minutes of unsupervision can create. 

But I certainly will enjoy and try to learn from them as much as possible before it all changes this coming autumn. And in the meantime, I will try to capture more deceptive photograph moments with the truth written down somewhere. So I can look back and remember, and cherish these eminent moments in time. 

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