Sunday, June 7, 2020

Summer Schedules

    The amount of unbelief I have over current events is unreal.  I am shocked,dismayed, and saddened by everything that is happening.  The uprisings of minorities is amazing to watch, and the many men and women who stand beside them is inspiring.  However, what is not inspiring is the way that people have decided to make their voices heard. Especially through the violence and law breaking.  As the Prophet stated, two wrongs don't make a right. Sigh  Jeffrey and I have had countless discussions on everything in regards to this, and  I don't want to sully my blog with politics, so I will not address it more, other than to say that I am praying and fasting for a swift and peaceful conclusion to all of this.  

   Things are much the same they have been. The only real change that I can think of since last writing is that we have been able to go back to church with certain restrictions in place.  I can't even express how lovely it is. 

    While I have loved being able to worship at home, and to be able to continue to partake of the sacrament, I do love being able to go to church and have someone else do everything so that I can more easily focus on the sacrament and my own growth and repentance. Thus far only Keith and myself have actually gone to the church for the sacrament. Later in the day we have the sacrament at home with the family.  I have missed church dreadfully, and am anxious for the day when we can go back to the full 2 hour block. Isn't that little sacrament tray sweet? My sister sent it to me! 

    This is such a weird time.  It is my year to plan the family reunion, and things have been so up in there air, it has been incredibly difficult to plan. We didn't even know if we would get to use the venue that we had reserved up until recently.  I am happy that it seems to be working out right now, though.  We get to do a service project while we are there, so that is a bonus! 

Life feels a lot like the Groundhog's Day movie where every day seems to be much the same, day in and day out. Jeffrey and I have been watching the virus (covid-19) trends, and he is realy good at paying attention and predicting trends.  While the state and the country seem to be opening up a lot more, we have noticed that people have become very cavalier and the infection rates seem to be climbing again, and so we are going to stay in lock down a bit longer.  Sigh. It is very difficult for me because I am an extrovert at heart.  I have enough introvert in me to not be going absolutely crazy, but not enough to be completely content with life as we know it.  It is hard for me to be in this house all the time, never leaving it.  Jeffrey is in heaven, but I am struggling.  I have found ways to supplement, though. On Tuesdays I started a General Conference Book Club via zom. Thursdays my Come Follow Me group meets via zoom. Both Tuesdays and Thursdays my sweet niece Gennavie hosts a yoga session that I try to join whenever I came. So there is a bit of talking with others, and I get a little adult conversation in. I have plans to explore some of the outdoor amenities around here. There are some that I have never been to that look absolutely smashing! But my biggest goal for this week is to find ways to be happy at home. To find ways to find joy and to share that joy with my family.  It is very difficult when I am home all the time. We all get into our schedules, and they aren't necessarily good. The kids all want to rush through their chores and summer reading and math so that they can get on the computers. And honestly, I have been letting them. Because it then means quiet time for me. I feel really bad about that, and like I am failing them, but we are surviving the best we can. In an effort to enjoy being at home more, I am going to come up with a schedule for the week and see if that helps any. Having a schedule to fall back on, and to have less screen time.  But quite frankly, the boys are exhausting and they are masters of mess making.  Kip cut his favorite shirt off of himself today. He was so sad when I showed him that I was throwing the shirt in the trash, but he needs to learn that scissors aren't toys!

At any rate, we are doing our best to survive. I am grateful for the grand perspective that I have.  I am grateful that I know that I can gain strength from my Savior. What a glorious blessing that knowledge is! 

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