Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hanging On

Good gravy, it has been far too long since I visited this lovely little blog. The kids are growing like weeds and often I feel like I am missing it amidst dishes and laundry. I have recently made a goal to enjoy them more.

We have been working on being more soft spoken in our home, lately. It seems to be a constant battle. Someone or other gets angry, tempers fly, voices rise, feet stomp, and doors slam. It is an everyday occurrence. Honestly, I am heartbroken over the thought that my children will remember their childhood as a mad screaming Lord of the Flies type home, and I am trying to do everything in my power to change that.

We have been praying for the gift of unity in our home. A week or so ago I was doing my morning scripture study and came across a Conference talk by President Henry B. Eyring called Our Hearts Knit as One. In that talk, President Eyring said, “The Lord’s prophets have always called for unity. The need for that gift to be granted to us and the challenge to maintain it will grow greater in the days ahead, in which we will be prepared as a people for our glorious destiny.”
Never before had it occurred to me that unity was a gift. I had never thought to ask for that gift. I had asked for peace in my home; that it could be contention free more times than I can count, but never had I asked for unity. Of course, that is what our home church lesson was on that week. That we might have the gift of unity in our home. We now pray for it in every prayer we have. It is one of my dearest wishes, to have a happy, peaceful home where my children enjoy being. 

This quarantine is absolutely giving us that opportunity. We spend so much time together, and in our house, we simply have to learn to get along. Jeffery is loving the quarantine. An excuse to never leave the house and interact with strangers is like heaven in a handbag for him. I am struggling a bit more than that, however. I knew I was extroverted, but I didn’t really realize how being in the presence of people really truly gives me endorphins. I miss my tribe of women. To make up for it, there are a few things we have been doing. My scripture study Come Follows Me group has been meeting online via zoom (a video conferencing app) weekly to continue our scripture study. I have also started a General Conference Book Club and we met once a week as well via the same platform. It has been absolutely wonderful being able to see their faces and hear their voices, but I do truly miss them. And Adrienne isn’t in either of those, so that has been especially hard. As for the children, they are incredibly adaptable and do such a good job to roll with the punches. We have been having fun going to the park on occasion, and that has helped a lot. 

Keith has now officially graduated from elementary and it is very bittersweet. 

Jr. High is going to be incredibly different from his charter school that we love, but he is incredible and will be fine, I am sure. 

We are also utilizing the library a bit, now that it is open again. 

The little boys . . . well, every day is a challenge with them. Yesterday it was an entire carton of orange juice and a dozen eggs all over the floor. Today it was a bottle odd water from food storage and then our 25 lb bin of flour. Thank heavens those were in separate locations and not mixed together. Getting that kind of glue out of my carpet would be a nightmare! 

They do these naughty things and they do them over and over and over. I can’t tell you how many times they have trashed my house with flour. It’s like they have a vendetta against it. 
But I have been working really hard to keep things positive and happy here. I made a blueberry pie tonight. I’m not sure how great it is because I used canned pie filling, but I did doctor it up. I added some cinnamon, and grated two lemon peels into it. It looks lovely, hopefully it will taste just as good.

I am incredibly tired right now and fading quickly. Kip woke me up at 3 am and I’ve been up and going ever since then so I really am struggling with being conscious and comprehensible. Until tomorrow, I hope, adieu. 

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Chantel said...

It's good to see your blog! The kids are getting so big! If we ever get out of quarantine, we'll have to get together!