My Lost Wedding Ring... Replaced?

I have never been much of a jewelry person. My problem was that I was always too bored. I would just get tired with it and wouldn't want to wear the same thing all the time, and couldn't imagine wearing the same ring or the same necklace all the time. The thought of a wedding that was the same ring for the rest of my life was ghastly dull to me, but I figured I would deal with it when I came to that bridge.

12 years ago the love of my life asked me to marry him. He gave me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It was a ring I would never get tired of wearing. I loved looking at it, because it reminded me how much he loved me. It always made me smile. I wore it daily and only took it off at night, to sleep. I had many adventures with my small family and that ring. Keith joined the family, and Faye joined that family. We moved into a friend's house while he went overseas. One night I placed that most beautiful ring on the counter and went to bed. My three year old Keith woke up in the morning, went into the bathroom, picked up that precious emblem of our love, decided that it was ugly, and flushed it down the toilet.

I cried.

A lot.

Since that time I have been on the search for a replacement wedding ring. I have gone through so many rings. And the replacement rings have gone through the same cycle that all other rings in my life have gone through. I have liked them for about 3 weeks, and then really hated them after that. For every single one of them. The above picture might be the only picture I have that actually has a picture of my original ring. I loved that ring so much.

And then, as luck would have it, I stumbled across the exact ring I have been searching for, for the past eight years, and I am ecstatic! It is dainty, it is simple, and it is naturey, which is exactly what I have been hunting for and discarding for so many years. I don't even care if there are real diamonds or not, because one of the kids might just flush it down the toilet or do something like that, so it doesn't have to be diamonds, cubic zirconium is just fine in my book. or even glass. I don't care. The point is, I finally have a gorgeous ring that makes me happy just to look at it. I plan to keep this ring on for the rest of forever, or until a child loses it, anyway. The only sad part is, it is a super cheap ring, and will tarnish, and turn my finger green, and I will love it anyway. Maybe one day we can have a slightly classier version made.


In other news, Vince and Kip have really become best buds lately, and it is quite heartwarming to see. Of course, that does mean that my home has become a constant Wrestlemania, and there is a permanent musk of eau de little boy sweat about 3 feet high following behind me all day long. Vince makes me laugh. He is the epitome of a Norman Rockwell little boy drawing. shirtless, shoe less, pockets full of treasures, loves squishing and catching bugs, and will sped the whole live long day outside if I would let him, and sometimes even if I don't let him, he finds ways to do just that regardless. Today we were cleaning and there was a knock at the door. It was Vince. No one knew he was outside. He had wandered away, and then found his way back home. What a huge blessing! He was scared when he got back home, and I was even more scared when I found out he had been outside and no one knew he had been gone! We have a chain on the door to prevent him from wandering off, but I guess I had forgotten to lock it when I had come back in today. We cuddled on the couch until he fell asleep. Not a fun thing to experience. My heart was both ice and racing like someone about to be caught in a lie. Like I said, Vince is my mischievous child. Kip on the other hand is my little cupid. I don't call him that because he is a matchmaker. I call him that because he has those darling curls all over his head, those gorgeous eyes, and he has just decided that he can't be bothered with diapers, and so he runs around the house naked. He will remove his own pants and diapers, and will run around hooting and hollering, and enjoying the feel of the sun and the wind on his skin. The wonderful bonus of this is he might be fully potty trained before Vince is!

Vince is fully capable of being potty trained. In my defence, it is very difficult to potty train when babysitting lots of other children, especially when they are little girls, and my main method of potty training is doing what I am doing for Kip. Letting them run around commando until they figure it out. I'm all about the no stress method. My family is getting a little tired of slipping in puddles, but I just laugh and clean it up. It doesn't bother me at all.

I am loving how Vince and Kip are becoming best friends, though. They were watching a show on my bed today, and I looked over and Vince was very insistent on holding Kip's hand. My mama heart melted just a little in that moment.

I really should write so much more, but I am so very tired. Life gets too busy. Keith is 11. He is starting 6th grade. I can't even believe that. It feels like a mistake to write that, but I suppose it is true. Wow! He received the Aaronic Priesthood on April 6th. He chose the date, and I thought that was pretty cool of him. He's an amazing kid, and really impresses me all the time. I will write more about him when I am not falling asleep, though. I could go on and on about that kid.

Faye is 9 and is going into 4th grade. She is my right hand, and I would be so lost without her, although I could seriously do without her attitude. It's an interesting mix. She is my biggest helper, and has the most amazing talent with helping little kids to do things that they need to be doing without crying, but she is beginning to get teenage rebellion, or teen angst, so she helps, but when she wants to help. I'm trying to figure out how to work around that. Right now there is a lot of jealousy for her little sister.

Beth is turning 6 this month and is quite the little princess and knows it and so milks it to her advantage. Because of this, it has been causing quite the rage from Faye this month. It will only work this month because of her birthday, though, so things should quiet down in a few weeks. Beth is going into first grade and I am super excited to not have my day interrupted in the middle with kindergarten pickup!

I think that is basically us for now.


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