Everyone Should Be So Lucky!

Last Wednesday Beth and I went for a Mommy date. She's turning 6 at the end of this month and Jeffrey thought it would be a really god idea if we spent some time bonding while she is still a little 5 year old.

We went to my favorite place to eat. It is a pupusaria disguised as a waffle place. I figured it would be a perfect place because I could have pupusas and Beth could have waffles and we could both have what we wanted. Everything went according to my cleverly thought out plan. She loved it and I got my favorite food. She chattered happily and we listened to the 60's music playing and she giggled while I sang along with the music, me proudly knowing all the words and cheesing up the head bobs and lip syncing. Because that is what you do when you are on a date with an almost 6 year old. You make them giggle their heart out and soak that music into your soul. She ordered eggs with her waffles and let me have some, and some of the yolk dripped onto my shirt.

Of course it did.

Yolk always finds its way onto my white shirts for some reason.

Since we were in the same parking lot we decided to stop at Walmart for some stain stick before heading on with our plans. Just so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed. We go distracted by all of the unicorn things that were there, though, and our plans completely derailed!  Beth found a BFF unicorn necklace and insisted we had to go around the corner and give the other half to her BFF , and I knew it would be down hill from there. Because her BFF's mom happens to be my BFF. I knew the implications of taking the necklace, and I was sad that it would derail the plans, but it was Beth's date, and so I was going to leave the decision up to her. They were her plans in the first place, anyway. We were going to go to a park, lay out a blanket and relax beneath a tree and just belong there and look, listen, and feel. We would feel the breeze and sun on our skin. We would hear the breeze and the sounds and the crickets and the kids playing, and maybe even the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. And we would look around and be still and simply look at all the things we could see. The colors and the textures and everything! Be still my heart, this five year old child of mine just described to me the perfect evening!

It was lovely to see our best friends and so was a nice trade off, but I still plan to absolutely take her to become one with nature just as soon as I can anyway.

Faye has been so jealous of Beth ever since then though. Well, before that, really, but this really sealed the deal on the jealousy. It really makes me sad. Before that, really, but it has come out in ugly force since that day. Because of that, last Tuesday Faye and I went on a date and had a frank discussion about how it is affecting her relationship with her sister. It wasn't pleasant. We went to the library which is always lovely, and then to the grocery store. I really have a love hate relationship with the fact that my girl is growing up, but it is inevitable. As my grandma used to point out, it would sure be horrible if they didn't. Grandma' have the best perspective! Faye and I picked  out a book that we thought would be fun to read together and we have been enjoying our day today reading it. She chose a really great book! I have been especially impressed with how seriously she has taken our conversation and how much better she has been with Beth after our talk. It hasn't completely fixed things, but it did help. Truth be told, Jeffrey really doesn't make things easy. He sees Beth as the middle child, and so he goes above and beyond and spoils her because he doesn't ever want her to feel forgotten or left out as the middle child, and in those efforts he makes the other kids feel forgotten and left out and not as important or loved, so it is sort of back firing and creating a lot of jealousy and bitterness... and Faye is doing a whole lot better with the whole circumstance. She is such a good girl, I really can't put it into words.

I think everyone should be so lucky as to have a Faye.


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