Sunday, November 18, 2018

Steps and Motherhood

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I've always read and been told that being a mom is a lot like riding on a roller coaster. Those darn wonderful kids are so full of ups and downs.  Being a mom is dizzying and has Everest highs, and never-going-to-get-out-of-bed-again lows. Which, yeah, I can see that analogy. However, I submit my own.  Motherhood is like running steps. You know what I mean. I'm talking about those crazy awesome fitness people who find a huge expanse of steps (stadiums see a lot of these "dedicated and healthy people" aka lunatics) and they run up and down them for no other purpose than getting their heart rate up, sweating profusely, and to create thigh muscles that could squeeze you to death by merely looking at them. As they take these steps, there are so many ridiculous jarring ups and downs, many of which seem pointless, and it makes you all kinds of tired and sweaty.

Right now I am hiding in Arcadia. I feel like I type that sentence a lot. But it is important to have a place to go to not explode all over everyone. You see, yesterday I finished painting my front door. It is a delicious buttercream yellow now, and I am so in love!


And I finally got pictures of it! But here's the thing. I am not what you would call a "Professional Blogger" and so my picture isn't perfect. The hose is unraveled, there is still painter's tape up, and I haven't painted the primer of the doorjamb because, well, kids. But you can still sample the lovliness of the yellow door, and that is basically the point here, so, there you have it.


 As I was saying, I painted the door yesterday, and I got it all cleaned up, but I guess I had missed a tray of paint. It was such a little tray, not even a normal sized tray, just a tiny mini, which made it very easy to overlook. Obviously, though, a little bit of paint goes a long way when it comes to the Master Mischief Makers - Vince and Beth. They painted my counter tops last night. I was so tired. I cleaned off the counter, and thought I had taken care of the paint. Apparently I hadn't though. Jeffrey discovered more paint on the counter this morning, a whole lot more! He got that cleaned up, and all seemed well. Fast forward to this evening when I was cleaning up the Fall decor, and cleared off my piano. I found a bunch of primer painted onto my beloved 102 year old piano! I may have cried a little. Oh my goodness, those two are just so... hot and sweaty and all kinds of tiring.

The thing is, Vince is the mastermind behind all things trouble. He weaves it in and out and all around the fabric of our lives like the mad genius he is. He has a knack for it. If there is mischief to be had, he will have declared himself the king, and will conquer it in the most spectacular fashion. That boy is going to be the end of me. And here is the best part of it all. He is so darn cute, and funny, and clever, and happy, that you can't help but be swept away by him. That boy has charisma +20! (forgive the nerd reference, but it applies oh so well!)


I got to play some games with him the other day, and he was making me laugh so hard with the faces he would pull as he contemplated his next move.


And the ideas and opinions that boy has! I am so glad that he is mine, but man alive, it is a wonder that I have any dark hair left. But when he is tired, or when he just feels like it, he will come to me and cuddle up in my lap. He rests his head on the hollow of my neck, and takes a deep breath, and melts into my heart. Suddenly, all of the stress and headache he has been giving me dissipates and I am left feeling warm and happy and so grateful for that little man of mine. He is going places, I tell you. He will make his mark on this world, and I will be able to stand back in awe and watch as the world around him changes for the better. Because he has that ability and that determination.

Yesterday was Faye's birthday celebration. The birthday is actually on Monday, but since she has school, and we have FHE, there wouldn't be a whole lot of time to just focus on her. And we don't do gifts anymore. Just experiences. I had the idea to take her to a painting class. I really think she would enjoy that. She countered me with the idea to go "hang out" at the mall. She wanted to get her hair done, and then go to the mall because, "Mom, I have never even been to the mall. What is there? What do people do there, anyway?" So I made an appointment with our favorite pink haired stylist, Kimberly. She knows how to treat Faye like a princess.


After the luxurious shampoo, she got a Sprite for her VIP client, asked her what she wanted done with her hair, and then proceeded to knock it out of the park, completing the style with glitter spray perfume. Kimberly and I laughed because it looked so much like Rachel hair, and Faye was delirious with excitement over having "straight hair!!"


When hanging out at the mall, as all teenagers know, it is important to meet up with friends. That is just the way it is done. Not wanting to knock tradition, we called my best friend Adrienne who also has a daughter who is mostly best friends with Faye. I say mostly because theirs is a complicated friendship. We got some food in the food court. Faye got Japanese noodles, Adrienne and I got Greek, and Emily got a good old fashioned American burger and fries. When we had finished our lunch, the "hanging out" portion commenced. Adrienne and I got to teach the girls the glories of Bath and Bodyworks. We sniffed candles and lotions and soaps until our noses tickled and we couldn't handle any more sniffing. Faye and Adrienne tried on perfume and smelled fabulous the whole rest of the day. We moseyed in and out of stores, spending the most time in places like Claire's and Icing.


I was giddy when I found the used bookstore that Jeffrey and I had discovered years ago when we lived near that particular mall. I was so worried that it had moved or gone out of business. It had changed locations within the mall. It is now in a more prominent albeit less interesting location. I spent far more time and money than I had anticipated in that store.


But oh my goodness, how can you not?! I found some favorite DragonLance books that I had wanted to own again (I think they had originally been my brother's), and The Pilgrim's Progress, which is something I have long been curious about! I can't even express the joy over that find! The first half of the time the girls were impatient and wanting to leave (but seriously, how can you? Used book store! Those are my favorite kinds of book stores! And book stores are my favorite kinds of stores. When they finally dragged me out, we found a boutique that I have always loved and often get lost in...

All in all, it was an incredible day for my dear sweet Faye. She finished off her day by going to the BYU game with Keith and her cousin. It was ridiculously cold, but the Y won, which always makes the game so much better. I think they got home around 1:45 last night. I don't know. I was asleep.

As I typed that last paragraph, Vince came in here to see what I was doing. He stood next to me, spread his legs, angled his hips, and peed directly beneath my chair... leaving his mark in Arcadia. First, my quiet room, next, the world!

Motherhood is akin to running steps. Jarring ups and downs, people! Sweaty and exhausting.  And surprisingly worth it as we all grow so much stronger because of it.

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