Catch Up.. Forever Long Post

"...through night and day
and in and out of weeks
and almost over a year..."
This phrase has been in my mind for the past few weeks. Because this is how life goes. the days are so long sometimes, and the weeks just skip by, and lets not even talk about the light speed travel of the years!

Did you know Kip turned 1? I completely missed documenting his birthday on this here little blog of memories of mine.
Why did I miss it? Well, he is an angel, and sweet, and wonderful, and by far my hardest baby. And by that I mean he is still not sleeping through the night much. And so this whole year has been a sort of bleary eye, sleep deprived haze.
I have missed so many details, because I have been a mombie for the past year. And don't let this confession color your opinion of that little boy, because although he is the child who sleeps the least, of all my children, he is the happiest baby I have ever had.

Just not when it comes to sleep.

And when he isn't sleeping, he isn't screaming or fighting, he is wide awake and wanting to play. He has energy and can't figure out why on earth everyone else is sleeping because the moon is up, yo! There is plenty of light to play by.

And so, let me tell you about Kip's birthday. Nearly a month past.
Kip's birthday was on a Sunday and so of course we planned to celebrate it on a Saturday. I piled the kids and the dog in the van, and we set out to the mountains. There is a magnificent trail next to a reservoir that we wanted to explore. The air was heavy with smoke, and we also wanted to get away from the noxious fumes. I was having a hard time breathing, and so I'm sure the baby was, as well. And so we headed away from the smoke. Except we had been on the road for all of 10 minutes when Kip threw up, effectively changing our plans.

Of course, he wasn't actually sick. There was no more throwing up the rest of that day. Just the one fluke time as we were traveling, and just enough to force our plans to change. I don't remember much else about that day. Keith and I did go to the store and got supplies to watch the BYU football game. They won, I think. I can't remember. But it is always fun watching the game with Keith. Vince enjoys joining us, and it is a great bonding activity I can do with my boys.

I baked a cake for him. It wasn't anything great. I was tired, so he got a minimal effort cake. But he wouldn't care. It's cake! Vince really enjoyed it.
He dug into the middle of it while it was cooling, so I had to fix it somehow. Again though, it is cake.
People liked it. We didn't bother with ice cream as Kip was still having a bit of a reaction to dairy.

Later that week I did end up going up to that mountain spot by the reservoir. I brought along the kids I watch, and we took a few minutes to explore. It was beautiful, but children didn't have shoes on, so we couldn't actually hike it. I am so glad I got up there, though. My soul really needed it!

My front door is red. Or was. Do you remember when red front doors and red accent walls was all the rage? Well, this house got swept up in that fad, and my tiny kitchen was painted in red and black, thus making it even more tiny! And the front door, door jamb, and rail were all painted a deep rust red color. Which would look stunning with the right kind of brick. But my house has brown trim and brown brick, so it all just sort of blended together into a dark mass of blah. I have been wanting to paint it for what seems like forever now, but I have never gotten around to it because, Hi. I kept having babies. A few weeks ago, though, I decided I had had enough, and I was going to make a change. So just like my kitchen wall that went from red to buttercream yellow, my front door has gone from rust to a soft yellow. But let me tell you, yellow is the color that suited it the most. The brown brick has flecks of cream in it, and the yellow door really makes the cream flecks pop, the brightening the whole front of the house. The door jamb is currently grey as that is the color of the primer I had to use in order to cover that heinous red. I haven't painted it white yet because I don't have the white. But I put primer on the rail, so it is a sort of grey, and the door is yellow, and the doorjamb grey, and it just looks lovely. It is going to be incredible when I finish it. I am so excited!

Talking about fixing things on our house... well, the roof has gone far too long without being replaced. We kept having expenses come up (again with the babies!) and so never got around to it. I mean, in the 5 years we have lived here, we have had 3 pregnancies, and there have been 3 babies! Beth was only 6 months when we moved in, then a miscarriage, then Vince, and then Kip. So we've been busy. Ha! Get your mind out of the gutter. Babies are a lot of work! And pregnancy for me is really rough. Anyway, we knew we needed to get the roof fixed, but this past storm 2 nights ago made it imperative. I love rain, just not when it is coming into my kitchen through the ceiling. On the plus side, we are going to go from a dark brown roof (why oh why was dark brown such a popular color in the 70's?!?) to light grey. We are going to get white soffit, white rain gutters, and I may be mistaken, but I believe the trim is even going to be painted white! So the whole top of the house is going to be going under a lovely transformation. As well as the back of the house! We have some gorgeous bushes that have been homes to hundreds of birds. I love hearing them sing, and seeing them fluttering by. However, the bushes have grown so large, they sort of took over the back yard, and made it nearly impossible for the kids to have space to play back there. Not to mention the Virginia Creeper which has been slowly and systematically choking out our bushes. So instead of having a gorgeous orange leafy fence right now, I have ffirey red vines, dark purple berries, and dead black branches from the bushes that the Creeper has smothered. Oh, and our sprinklers in the back have been broken, so they haven't been watered much, anyway. And so we are going to be tearing all of that out this weekend. It's going to be practically like getting a new house!

Let's see, what else? Oh, On October 1st we had our annual celebration.
I love the month of October. I love the smells, I love the colors, and I love the cooling of the air. The sweater weather. It makes me so happy to look out my window and see so many colors against the black road. I love the air, and that golden glow that the sun casts on everything. I wish it could be October 6 months of the year. With 3 months of winter and 3 months of summer, and the rest, October. I had to laugh, though. I took some pictures of the table before the kids descended upon it, and then when they saw the pictures the next day they said they wished we could have a table like that.
We watched Daffy Duck and the Quackbusters, and then later I watched The Lonesome Ghosts with the little kids. I love snuggling on my bed and sharing shows from my childhood with them. I love the giggles, and the coziness of the blankets pulled up over us. I made a delicious cranberry cider that only I liked. But it was a beautiful deep red garnet liquid and was simoly lovely and satisfying to just look at.

I got sick last week. The flu. Not fun. But it didn't last too long, and I was happily well by Conference. I love General Conference! It is one of the best times of the year. Just another reason October is the best. But then Beth got the flu. She has had it since last Friday, and today is Thursday. Happily, she will be going to school tomorrow because she is feeling a lot better. Finally!
I feel bad that she missed a whole week of school if you count last Friday. But she was pretty darn sick. However! I have to say, snuggling in bed with that spunky little girl was just lovely. The rain was pouring down, and the sky was flinching grey, and Beth, Vince, Kip, and I got to cozy up during the storm. Little moments like that make me happy.

Sunday in between the sessions of General Conference I took Onyx and we went for a walk in the Hollow.

Solitary wilderness just might be my favorite thing in the whole wide world. What I mean by that is being alone in nature is just magic. It fills me up like nothing on this earth can do otherwise. Just being alone with my thoughts and the wild, the wind frisking by, tugging at my clothes, and making me feel like a child again.
And then the whole being alone bit. I didn't used to like that, I thought, but having kids and always having someone with me, and never having a moment to myself sure changes a girl. I love to just go. I take a notebook and one of my pocket books of poems. Right now my favorite is the leather Emily Dickinson one that Jeffrey gave me. I wander, and I read, and I write, and I think. I think that is the time when I am mostly me. I am a nature girl at heart. The city is full of fascinating bohemian dreams for me, but my heart is rooted deeply in the wilderness, far from cars, and airplanes, and bustling people.

And so, I went to the Hollow. We wandered, and I actually went much further than I had anticipated. We went down to the water's edge, and I sat on the shore, watching the hypnotic rhythm of the waves, the mesmerizing lapping of the water on the shore, and the never ending ripples that danced across the water. Onyx was impatient and didn't want to let me just sit and ponder. We got up and headed back after he got a good long drink, just beating the rain that the clouds had been holding back. What a tender mercy that was! I listened to the last session of General Conference while I trekked back down the trail and to my van. I love modern technology. I love that I didn't have to miss anything while I was out being emotionally filled.


I think that about sums up my past month or so.


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