Broken Promises

I am reading a book right now called Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and she has said some fairly world shattering things. One thing that she discussed is how so very often the first person we break promises to is ourselves. Think of all the goals made, diets started, etc. When things get a little tough we would falter and stop doing it, thus effectively teaching our subconscious that we are unreliable and flakey and can't be counted on.


As I read that (okay it's an audiobook and I listened to it) I instantly thought of my blog . My promises to write daily have been broken and shattered and pulverized into smithereens many times over. I'm not a dieter, I think diets are dumb and believe in healthy eating (which is not to say I'm amazing at it, but it is where my belief system has always been), so the diet promises has never been a problem for me. But finding time to write?? That is incredibly important to me and yet one of the first things to fall by the wayside. Mostly because I'm so tired and just fall asleep. But still. Broken promises have always been one of my biggest triggers for anger. Promises are sacred. If your promise someone something, you had better do it or die trying. And yet the first person I break promises to is myself. Ugh, I'm so shattered! Especially because as I type this the lack of sleep I'm living off (an average of 3 hours a night) is banging me on the head and begging for sleep.

In an effort to stay true to myself and keep my promises, I'm jotting these thoughts down, as well as a catch up list of important things happening in our family. Things that should be showing up in a few days. A teaser, if you will.

  • Beth's birthday 
  • Adrienne's sealing 
  • Onyx 
  • Matt's wedding 
  • Bee/Wasp stings 
  • Sharpie 

I'm excited to record these and so happy to have a visible list to check off! Since I've fallen asleep three times while writing this, good night!


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