Orchestrated Life and Skies

So the van is on its last leg. It has been a good 7 years with it, I have to say. We have truly been blessed with that vehicle, and so I don't feel too bad that we are nearing our inevitable good bye's. I am not enjoying, however, the process of finding a replacement. Van shopping is not for the faint of heart. I have decided that it is a shame they quit making the luxury vans. And by that I mean the vans with lazy boy equivalent seats, track lighting, and curtains on the windows. 

Those things were lush! I'm trying to convince Jeffrey we should get one but he keeps insisting he is not a mechanic so any vehicle that has lived as long as we have, or longer, is not for our family.

I keep telling him it is a great opportunity for him to learn and then he grumbles something about being stranded on the side of the road not being the right time or place to get mechanic training. Pshaw. He's too careful and picky is what I say. Adventure awaits and would always be just around the corner if we went for it with such an old (and lush) van.

Instead, my days have been spent trolling KSL Classifieds, calling my bank, my insurance company, and haggling with sellers. We have yet to actually go look at one, but I'm sure logging miles for that secretary degree I never wanted. Just to be clear, I don't have a secretary degree. I don't think such a thing exists, actually. But if it did exist, and needed hours of practical experience, I would have it in the bag!

Also, I am doing the most important step of all. I am praying about it. Praying we can find the perfect vehicle for our family and budget. I really don't have to do all the work on my own. I know Heavenly Father wants us to have a good reliable vehicle, so if we include Him in our process, how much smoother will it obviously go? 😉

Tonight there was the most spectacular lightening show.

Every 15-20 seconds the sky was illuminated. It was breath taking.

I am amazed I was even able to get some lightening shots!

Ideally I would have sat at my table in the back, my citronella candle burning, and my book open on the table, completely neglected because I was so caught up in the moment. The hot breeze on my face, but cool around my feet (I don't get it either. It was a weird layered breeze), the pungent aroma of the lake which is an acquired love. Most people hate it. They say it stinks. To me, it is the smell of childhood, and wind storms, and freedom. It is summer and wide open spaces and adventure. It is one of my favorite smells, actually.

Remember, though, all of that was ideal. What actually happened was a stomach ache for me, a crying baby who didn't want to sleep and who fought me for almost an hour. I kept putting him down when he'd squirm too much, and I'd rush over to the back door, go out on the deck, and begin taking photos. After vainly attempting to catch the illusive majesty of the concert of the sky, I would go back in and resume trying to rock the baby to sleep.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I got Kip down around 9:45, and then it was time to start on Vince. Jeffrey had already gone to bed.

Around 10:30 Vince finally fell asleep. In my bed. I rushed out to the back porch only to find the show had finished and the lights had packed up and gone home. Play time was over. Isn't that just how it goes, though?


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