Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Message in a Bottle

Dear friend,

If you have found this message and are reading it then I am going to consider you my friend. It has been 39 hours since, through no fault of my own, this weary body of mine has found rest. I had every intention of being well rested today but as they say, the best laid plans often fail.

I went to bed last night, eager to sleep and start a schedule. I had been up since 6 and was fatigued. As my head hit my pillow, though, Kip's left his. He was hungry and as we all know, baby hunger trumps mommy exhaustion. I got up to feed him. Just as he was relaxing his body into my arms, eyes closed and his breath deepening, I heard a sound that dropped my heart into my knees. Vince was in his bed vomiting. I silently prayed I would be able to get Kip transferred back to his without waking him as I rushed down the hall.

No such luck.

I gently eased Kip into his bed and tiptoed out of his room, gingerly pulling the door behind me. Flipping on the hall light, I rushed into Vince and Beth's room to discover Vince drenched in his own half digested dinner. My stomach turned and I averted my nose as I carefully helped Vince up and out of his bed.

Of course by now Kip was screaming. He could hear movement preside his door and he was angry he was being left out!

Half carrying, half pushing, Vince and I made our way into the bathroom where he was striped of his pajamas and forced into the tub, crying and still mostly asleep. I washed him off, wrapped a towel around him and plopped him into my bed next to the still sleeping Jeffrey. Wiggling Jeffrey's foot roughly I instructed him to get the baby while I ran out to grab a throw up bowl. He was still asleep. I again nudged him roughly and asked him to get the baby while I took down the bedding and pajamas to the washing machine.

And then began a very long night of jumping any time I heard any noise from Vince. Which was often. He seemed to slow down around 5:30, but as luck would have it, Kip woke up at about 6:00.

There wasn't really anything lucky about it, though. I had been praying my guts out that Kip would stay asleep while I cared for Vince. I didn't even want to imagine how difficult it would be to be nursing a baby and trying to hold Vince's head up and over his throw up bowl. That could have been disastrous! And so when I say no luck was involved, what I really mean is I was given such a sweet and tender mercy from God. Because He loves me even in my moments of sleep deprived confusion.

Jeffrey left for work and Kip, as if meticulously studying Vince last night, began performing a perfect imitation.

All overy bed.

All over me.

Not to be left out, a few hours later Beth jumped on the bandwagon.

And there I was, awash with sick children. The trenches, they call it. And then both Keith and Faye began complaining of headaches and stomach aches.

Lisa Thomas did come by and visit for a bit and helped me so much! Never underestimate the power of adult interaction!

I didn't do a darn thing on my to do list today. I don't feel a bit guilty either. Lots of snuggles and book reading, and loves.

And now, Friend, this brings me to my point. I need sleep in the worst way! It being the Third of July and all, the sky is a brilliant display of light, noise, and ash. My girls are still awake and watching Halloween movies. I just barely got Vince to sleep, and Kip... well, I gave him to Jeffrey. He's probably still awake. At any rate, and supplies! Caffeine and chocolate are appreciated. Adult interaction is also acceptable. Send as quickly as possible. Just so I can rock out these next few days while I attempt to regain my sleep.

Much appreciated and many thanks,


Chantel said...

I am so sorry. We just went through this... in a car... the entire way to and through South Dakota. I think we're over it now but we've infected my MIL. Nasty bug!!

Amy said...

Oh no!! So much worse in a car!!! I'm so sorry you got it too! Yikes!!!