Found and Quickly Squandered, ME Time.


The kids were put to bed and I was faced with the unusual ability to actually do something other than go to bed. This new found freedom is so new to me, and yet, I vaguely remember that once upon a time I didn't go to bed with the kids. They would go to bed and I would stay up and be me. How odd and fulfilling and exhilarating it was to have this time and to chose what to do with it! Me time! Alone time!

To be fair, my body is telling me to go to bed. Frankly, I haven't slept since that Niagara Falls vomiting incident that Kip had last month. I am ghastly tired. Also, my kitchen and bedroom could really use some cleaning. And I have about 5 books I am reading that it would be nice to get caught up on. Not to mention my weekly planning session has been put off, yet again...

But the way I see it, I am going to have to pick and chose for the next couple of years. That is the nature of a) having a large family, and b) having lots of little kids around. And so despite all else I could be doing, I have decided that my lovely little blog has been neglected long enough. It needs a good cleaning out. Cobwebs cleaned up, tumbleweeds tumbled out, and a thorough all around dusting.

I have been looking through my photo feed at all the fun things we have been up to and it makes me sad that they haven't made it to this little memory bank of mine. And so, I am going to try to do a quick catch up with a few of the highlights and my favorite pictures.

On May Day the littles and I went over to my mother's house and we went for a walk. I like to do that as it is also the anniversary of my grandparent's wedding. They are both gone now, but I remember that when we would visit them, we would go for a May Walk with them, and it is something I like to remember and do. And noticing all of the blossoms around was astounding. I don't normally pay attention like that and I was so surprised and impressed by the magnitude of color, scents, and variety in her neighborhood!

Oh, also, Kip thinks it is cool to nearly walk now.


Beth had a pirate day at school. Then she and Faye decided to be pirates for the rest of the day.
I loved hearing their pirate speak!

A few weeks ago we had sumo wrestling for Family Home Evening.


The kids loved it, but it was very nerve-wracking to see how nearly they would hit their heads or very nearly get hurt somehow. While they had a lot of fun, I don't think that is an activity we will be re-visiting.

I changed my hair from purple to highlights.



I have decided it is time to embrace the grey. I loved having purple hair, but it was far too much upkeep. And so, I went with something that would be easy to transition into not getting it colored anymore. That is the goal here.

I think for now that is good. Especially since I am now kicking myself for not sleeping when I had the chance. I am falling asleep as I type this. But I am hoping that this becomes a habit, and that I can do things again after the children have gone to bed. Here's to hoping!


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