Because, Science!

It's official.

Summer has begun!!!

AKA the most stressful time of year for moms.

At least this one. Last summer was an absolute disaster. I was pregnant, had a barely 1 yo, and was babysitting every day. Honestly, by the time Jeffrey got home from work, I was just done. I would leave him to make dinner and put the kids to bed. I would get Vince to bed, of course, but then I would tuck myself in as well.  The kids had free reign of the house, and no bedtime, because I don't think Jeffrey had realized at that point how important bedtime is for their health and our sanity. However, a few weeks ago, he sent me an article about the importance of sleep in kids, and how many hours they should get for which age. I was so excited because that meant he was finally on board with me! Thus far, one week in, we have kept to bedtime this summer. It makes me so happy! Not to mention how much happier the kids have been this summer.

Before school got out, we talked about goals for the summer. We talked about continual learning and exploring and summers from when Jeffrey and I were growing up. A la summer without electronics. Me more so than Jeffrey. He still had lots of video games. The heyday of Nintendo and all that. And so, we made a summertime rule: no electronics all week. Friday is Jeffrey's day off, so it will be our electronics day. I have decided I am going to teach the kids to cook this summer so they can help me out during the school year more. They are old enough that they should be learning how to cook more and more. I would love to teach Keith how to make pizza. It is his favorite food, and quite frankly, I get so sick of the pizza chains. But nothing quite beats homemade pizza! We'll see how it goes tomorrow, being our first Friday of the summer.

This week has been a blast, though! Monday Jeffrey had the day off so we just hung out at home, getting odds and ends done. Tuesday was going to be cool all day, so I decided to take the kids to the Pioneer Park (or rather the Heritage Park, but because it is about Pioneers, that is what it gets called). It was absolutely perfect! The zoo across the street was crowded and parking overflowed onto the street, but we had the park practically to ourselves! Pony rides, panning for gold, leather working, Brigham's Donuts, etc. We even got to see a bank robbing! That was really fun. Beth saw a doll house in the ZCMI store that she became completely enamored with. It was precious! 

Wednesday we just hung out at home. I cleaned while the kids played. I let Keith and Faye take my phone and go play Pokemon Go in the neighborhood. Other than that, we didn't do much. But it was a nice day to recuperate from spending the entire day before in the sun. 

Today we went to my parent's house so my kids could take care of things. Keith is earning some summer money by mowing the lawns, and Faye is helping to take care of the chickens. Responsibility, hard work, and all that. After that I took the littles to my inlaws, and Keith, Faye, and I went to the Pizza Pie Cafe. It is Keith's favorite place in the world, and they have just been wonderful so far, and have earned it. Especially Faye. I need to make sure to not over use her. She has been so helpful and non complaining and I just can't even! I would be so lost without my little sidekick.  After pizza I took them to get liquid nitrogen ice cream. Because, Science!

So, let's talk Vince. He took a long nap today and so is sitting up with me as I type this. He is my funny little buddy. Yesterday I was cutting up some watermelon, and he asked if he could have some. I told him of course he could, I just needed to finish cutting it. He leaned in close, hugged my arm, and said, "Oh Mommy, you're so sweet!" I had to laugh. He said it with such earnestness and love. The little dude just melts my heart! Tonight while I was cleaning up, I was carrying some kids books from my room to put on the book shelf in the living room. I know the way, so I was just walking in the dark. I heard a tapping sound, but assumed it was the blinds because the wind was blowing. I walked into the kitchen, turned on the light, and Vince was standing there. "Oh, hi Mommy." he said. I about dropped my books and buckled my knees. I was not expecting to see that! It scared me a bit. And then he laughed for about 10 minutes about that, telling Jeffrey that he scared me. He is so stinking cute, I just can't get enough of that little dude!

Okay, Kip is waking up. I am going to publish this tonight without the pictures because I know me, and know if I don't it won't ever happen. Hopefully I can make it back tomorrow to add photographic evidence.


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