Sunday, April 29, 2018

Full On Foliage

*** This post was written about a month ago, I just fell asleep before I published it, so... you're welcome. ***


Last night when I went to bed, my trees had little green buds all over them.

Last night Jeffrey and I sat down and turned on BenHur. I haven't seen that since I was tiny. Like Elementary school tiny. I was excited to see it again. Halfway through the movie we heard galloping. It was coming up the steps, getting louder and closer. We looked at each other, and knew. Our date was about to be invaded.

This is why home dates don't work, folks.

Faye came running into our room, eyes wide, cheeks flushed, and scared.

Someone had knocked on her window, she was convinced. Jeffrey didn't want to get up, because he was comfortable, so when I jumped up to go look outside, he groaned but felt compelled to join me. Because that is the manly thing to do. I laughed. He didn't want me to go out alone. Now I know how to motivate him! Anyway, we walked around and it was breathtaking. The moon was full and overflowing into the cul-de-sac. It reminded me why I named my home Moon Hollow. The ethereal light just seems to pool here and soak into the ground, plants, and homes in this spot. As we were looking around for pranksters, I was incredibly distracted by the wind which was sweet smelling and gently brushing my hair into my face, all while being just cool enough to stir memories of midnight walks and star-lit conversations when I was fresh out of my teen years and had the world figured out. The reprieve from the warm day was just the right touch. I longingly looked out of the cul de sac, wishing to just leave and go for a walk, hand in hand with Jeffrey, but knew Faye was sitting on my bed absolutely terrified, so we went in to comfort her. Anyway, Jeffrey had been comfortable and wouldn't have wanted to go walk anyway. He's a homeboy like that.

Faye was sent to bed and our date continued. But then Vince, our perpetual third wheel got up. At that point Jeffrey gave up and went downstairs. After I got Vince to sleep and to bed, I tried to finish the movie, but then I fell asleep too. I guess I will never know Ben Hur's relationship with that woman (since we missed the first half hour, and I'm not sure I have the time to sit through it again).

About an hour later, Kip woke up. I brought him into my room so I could feed him and he threw up all over me. I'm talking Niagara Falls force. Also amount. And then his diaper exploded. It was something out of a horror flick, I'm guessing. I don't watch those anymore, but this terrified me. All that clean up. Yuck! I spent the rest of the night- after changing the baby, and myself, and my bedding, and his bedding- awake, trying to comfort an uncomfortable baby who was not only sick with something, but was also teething. It made for a long night, folks.

In the morning, when the sun was rising and the baby was finally wanting to close his eyes and sleep, I happened to peek out my window. Overnight, the trees had burst into full foliage. They were dressed and ready to provide of their sweet ever loving shade, all summer long. I have to say, despite my long and dreary night, full of interruptions, things really do always look brighter in the light of the morning sun.

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