The Great Birthday Fiasco

Vince turned two on Sunday. And by that, I mean he suddenly is getting into everything. He is curious about the world around him, and how it works to his advantage. He is excited to push the limits and see how far he can go and get away with things. He wants to be independent, and rule the world. Oh, and he physically turned two on Sunday as well.

Vince is so sure and confident of his life and place in the world. He is precocious. The kid came up to me a few months ago and said "H. H. ha. ha." Another time he brought me a paper that had some letters on it, with B being the largest of all. He held that paper up to me and said, "Letter b! Letter b Mommy!" The kid is just brilliant! My favorite word that he is now saying is "actually." It cracks me up to hear him get that big word out of his mouth. He uses it properly and all, and it is just the cutest thing ever! It reminds me of when Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, Esq. use those huge words in a proper albeit comical fashion. It just sounds wrong coming out of their mouths.

Vince loves dinosaurs, trains, spaceships, and animals. He watches youtube videos of hamsters (or so he tells me) with Jeffrey, and can sing the entire alphabet and I Am a Child of God by himself. Also, he counts to 13. Not perfectly, and not completely on his own, but pretty darn close. He loves to cuddle and tease. Oh my goodness, he gives Beth a run for her money with the teasing. He usually gets up in the night and climbs into my bed. I often don't even notice, aside from waking up with his feet in my neck, that is.

As previously mentioned, his birthday was on Sunday, so we decided to celebrate as a family on Saturday. We let him chose where to go, the dinosaur park, or the Aquarium. He chose the aquarium. and pizza for dinner. Pizza is Vince's favorite food right now. He does a little dance and chant when he wants it.

Thursday night we had a fancy orange spice cake at my parent's house to celebrate Vinny with them.

Friday Vince got to blow candles out of his very own personal pumpkin pie,

and the rest of us got cookies and ice cream. So we didn't worry too much about a cake on Saturday. I had plans for an amazing one, anyway. Sunday came, we let Vince open his gifts, and he got pancakes for breakfast, and got to blow out candles from his pancake. It really made his day.

I wasn't able to get his cake made on Sunday, and so decided to just do it Monday.

Keith was sick on Monday, staying home from school and throwing up. It took all afternoon, but I was finally able to get started on my dream concoction for the birthday cake. I had it all figured out in my head. I bought a Tonka dump truck, and my plan was to fill the back with cake, and have candied rocks and gummy worms intermixed, so it would look like dirt. I found an amazing recipe. The Bruce Bogtrotter equivalent chocolate cake. The kind that would make Mrs. Trunchbull go mad with envy. This cake was going to be absolutely amazing! Complete with its butter cream cheese frosting. And the chocolate! It called for 3 cups of cocoa powder if that gives you any idea of the decadence of this cake. I spent a couple of hours on this thing, making it just perfect. I crumbled the cake, and stirred the frosting in with the crumbs, rocks, and worms. I lined the truck with saran wrap, and dumped the cake it. It looked wonderful! I took a picture. The picture was terrible. I mean, it was mid afternoon, but cloudy, and my kitchen light was just awful. I decided I would take the cake outside and get a great picture with the truck in the grass! The snow had melted enough that there was a large patch of grass, perfect for this photo op, and the light would be amazing!

So I picked up the dump truck and headed outside.

Little did I know, my whole front porch was a solid sheet of ice.

I got to do some amazing icecapade moves as my feet flew out from beneath me, the truck flying one way, my phone the other, and me landing in a very odd twisted way. Or so it seemed. I'm not quite sure how it happened, honestly. My right... top of my leg...(ahem) got hit really hard, and my left knee went all Tonya Harding on me. But the cake. That beautiful cake was spread all over my front walk and the snow. Food for the birds and wild cats and dogs. I was splayed on the concrete next to my masterpiece. Splayed. Pain searing through my knees, back, of my leg..., and skinned hands. I pushed myself up onto all fours and crawled into the house. Once I got in, I collapsed on the floor and rather dramatically called for Jeffrey. Like an actress vying for an Oscar, anguish dripping from my voice, I called for Jeffrey. Of course he came running up the stairs, panic ringing through each step. He saw me, crumpled on the floor, crying for my Oscar (yes, crying. When Jeffrey came up the stairs something in me seemed to explode, and tears and wails erupted) and was immediately by my side. I am pretty sure the tears were for the cake and it surprised me. I think the last time I cried over cake I was probably 8. Jeffrey helped me up and to the bedroom to sit on the bed. Except sitting hurt because, you know, of my leg...

I spent the rest of the day icing my knee which was swelling quite impressively. I didn't sleep well that night (I am a stomach sleeper. That doesn't quite work with an injured knee), but the next morning, I had to take Kip to the doctor as he has pink eye and apparently a mild form of RSV. And Vince has a touch of croup. Apparently. While we were at the doctor's office, I asked if there was anything more I should do for my knee other than icing it. The PA who saw us looked at it, oohed and aaahed over the amount of swelling. She told me to to take some anti-inflammatories (I told her I was taking Plexus Ease and she said that is perfect), keep icing it, and to stay off of it! Because having 5 kids and staying off of my leg with it elevated is such an easy thing to do.

And so, I lamented the fact to Lisa Thomas, who promptly offered to bring me dinner. I told her that wasn't necessary, Jeffrey could do it. She told me to plan on her bringing dinner by anyway. She brought over 2 pizzas (Vince and Keith were over the moon!), and a new birthday cake for Vince! I couldn't believe it. What an incredibly sweet thing for her to do! There was no need for her to do that as Vince had already had 3 opportunities to blow out candles. But oh my goodness, he was one happy little boy! He saw the cake, did his pizza dance, and chanted "Happy birthday! Happy birthday!"

I'm so glad that little dude had a happy birthday weekend. He certainly deserved it.


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