Thursday, January 4, 2018

French Bread and Bedtime Routines

I think I just heard a collective shudder from most parents out there.
It is a blessing and a curse. And the more kids you add into the mix, the more chaotic it gets. Mine range from the ages of 10 years to 3 months. Coordinating everyone’s schedules tends to be rather tumultuous.
Except somehow, last night, I managed to hit the sweet spot.
Dinner was eaten, Keith and Faye cleaned the kitchen while Jeffrey helped Beth do her school time on the computer and I fed, changed, and rocked the baby to sleep. Just as Keith and Faye got ready for bed, the oven beeped and the french bread I had made for dinner but was a bit late to come to the actual meal, finally finished baking.

Keith brought candles into the beautifully cleaned kitchen, I made cocoa, and then we ate crunchy, hot, melt in your mouth french bread with buttery deliciousness all over it while sipping cocoa and I read to them.

I first read Faye’s Harry Potter, and then switched over to Keith’s The Hobbit. When we finished with the books, we had family prayer, they brushed their teeth, and then they went to bed!
Let me repeat that sentence in all its impossible glory. They went to bed!
I couldnt believe it but was so excited and happy about the whole thing. I found the secret, Reader!
Except then I discovered that Beth and Vince were still awake. I tried every trick I knew with them. Singing, reading, softly talking, etc. They didn’t go to bed until 10:00. I was NOT amused.
And then tonight, I focused on Vince and Beth first, so Faye came barging into my room (where I was struggling to get the other two to sleep) around 9:30, 9:45, and 10:05. She didn’t want to sleep.
Do you remember not wanting to sleep? I stay up because I have to, not because I want to. Right now I am feeding a baby and figured I could multitask at the same time and accomplish my daily writing.
But back to my point. Yes, Beth and Vince were once again still awake at 10. I have a lot to work on with those two, apparently.
Maybe one day I will figure out how to get all the kids down for the night at their proper and respective bedtimes.

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