Embarrassment and Ice Crunching

I love New Years. I love the frsh crisp idea of a new begining, and that there seems to be a universal longing for self betterment and improvement. This makes me happy.
I dont have many resolutions this year. I decided to keep it simple as then i would have a better chance of actually realizing them. This year I plan to focus on gospel study more, and a subsequent internal organization. I find the two go hand in hand. If I can better organize myself, internally, then I believe the outer aspects id my life will follow suit. And so that alone is my focus.
Today is the first day the kids are back at school and I tell ya, it has been so peaceful around the house. I did wake up with a migraine today, so it’s been a rather jumbled day today. To the point I forgot what day it is. This is important, as you will see later. Oblivious to which day it really was, I worked through the pain and showered and then bundled up the kids and we went to the store for caffeine, (one of the few remedies for my head pain) and to get me up and going. I just knew, if I could get up and going, things would be alright, otherwise it would be another day spent in bed praying for the pain to go away and feeling guilty for not being a better mother.
Everything we going well. Around noon the pain began to recede and I got all excited and proactive, and decided we would walk Bethy to preschool instead of driving her like usual. Now, her preschool is like 2 blocks away. It is really close. But usually I am a hot mess, and so just throw everyone in the van, in my pajamas, and drive Beth to school so that I am not seen. Today, we were walking! I checked the weather. It was 33*. Not bad. I could just bundle everyone up and it would be no problem. As the old Norwegian saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” I found a sweet body suit for Kip, and got Vince and Beth in their coats and off we went. On time, too! I was killing it as a mom today!

I let Beth push her stroller and dolly with the plan of having Vince push it back home. Vince had to stop at every single rock garden and fill his pockets. Every one. His pockets were bulging by the time we got to preschool. It isnt like he greedily stuffed until there was no room, he just picked up 1 rock at each rock garden. Regardless, the bulging pockets made me laugh. We emptied them at Beth’s teacher’s house.
We walked up to the preschool door and opened it.
It was dark.
No one was there.
Confused, we went to the door of the house (because the garage had been converted into the preschool) and rang the door bell. Her son answered and told us that Beth’s teacher had just left.
And then it dawned on me.
Today is Wednesday.
Bethy has preschool on Thursday.
I may have been a little embarrassed. But I laughed, figured it was good to get the kids outside anyway, and we turned around and walked back home.

This time, I asked Vince to help me push the stroller, and we were much faster. Except every house that had a snowman he tried to go up to and talk with, and touch.
Vince loves Frosty.
I put the song Frosty the Snowman on my phone and that appeased him quite a bit, and helped minimize the distractions.

I loved that we were able to go ice crunching. I forgot just how much I love that. When the ice is so thin, and you step on it and it makes that glorious crackling noise. Or when there is water beneath it, andnit is strong enough that instead if cracking it squeaks. I love squeaky ice! The little ones were so happy pushing the strollers that I got to enjoy cracking al the ice on my own. I can’t remember the last time I had that privledge.

All in all, I have to say it was an adventure, and I am glad I was able to get them out for a walk. It tired Vince out sufficiently so he went down very easy for his nap. I am considering going for an after lunch walk every day!


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