According to Plan


Daily Goal: Get to IKEA to pick up birthday gift for Keith.

Action Plan: Feed the baby, get the kids ready, feed the baby, leave the house by 11:30 at the latest. Get to IKEA, feed the baby, leave the kids in the play area, and hunt down a nice but inexpensive comforter for Keith. Leave IKEA. Stop at Culver's on the way home for some insanely delicious cheese curds and concrete frozen custard. Be home before the kids get out of school, as if nothing happened. They will never suspect a thing, that we had an adventure without them.

This is what was on the docket for the day today. See, a simple, easy to follow plan. I should have known that nothing ever goes according to plan this morning when Vince started dry heaving in my bed. But he was fine after having breakfast, no more vomiting, no more dry heaving, he was fine. So I set about with my action plan. I started to feed the baby.

...and I fed him and fed him and fed him. He just didn't want to stop eating! From 9-11 the boy ate, nonstop. And then I was getting Beth and Vince dressed so that we could rush out the door...

And then I realized the sad, cold, hard truth.

Vince is really truly actually sick.

There would be no birthday shopping today.

The poor boy, though, just doesn't feel well. 102.5. That is what the thermometer read, although who knows if it is accurate because he kept taking it out of his mouth to look at it. Poor baby.
It has been a very interesting combination of giving Vince the adequate cuddles and care that he needs, while still taking care of Kip. Sanitizer. Lots of sanitizer. That is the answer. And thank heavens for naps!

I must say, though, children's books and shows are taking on a stale quality today. We have done so much reading and watching today, accompanied by lots and lots of cuddles!

I am a little sad that my plans were derailed today, though. I wont be able to go down to IKEA until Keith's birthday, and that is cutting it rather close, if you ask me. But there is nothing I can do about it. Beth has preschool tomorrow, and then Friday is early out day, Saturday is Keith's birthday party, and then Monday is the big day. I also had a type of baby shower to go to tonight, but realize sharing germs this close to her due date (next week!) is probably not the nicest thing to be sharing, so I will keep my boy's germs home with me. 

Meanwhile, there will be so much baby snuggling time, and I will never complain about that!


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