Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rain Inspired Meditation

Wednesday July 26, 2017

It all started with the rain. The gentle enticing to leave my child ridden bed and welcome the morning properly! And so I did. I grabbed my scriptures, my notebook, and my water bottle and went about the house opening windows. I put a kettle on, and then sat down to study my scriptures. Instead of turning the garish electrical lights on, i lit four candles and settled in for an hour of uninterrupted scripture study and pondering. It was beautiful! The storm finished up just as I was closing my notebook and scriptures, and the children were coming up for breakfast.

We had tea and toast. A simple but favorite around here. Keith commented he misses eating breakfast together, so it is something I am going to work on. Hopefully the habit can be formed before little baby man joins our parade.

The rest of the morning consisted of me trying to deep clean and struggling to get them to listen or help.

I did not yell... much. I am very surprised with that turn of events, that I was able to mostly stay calm. Yay!

I am so proud of everything we got done today! The living room is now de-cluttered and cleaned out. It looks so bare and makes me super excited for those fall decorations I am frantically trying to hold myself back because putting up fall decor in the middle of July is just a little too weird. It will make me so happy to have it up, and all of my great autumn/Halloween books out, but to keep societal norms from locking me up, I oblige sometimes, with things like waiting until it is almost September. Meanwhile, we prep. The house smells like an autumn meander through rich amber and copper fields, though, and that makes me happy, too. 

Friday July 28, 2017
And this brings me back to the age old reason as to why I don't blog anymore. I fell asleep writing that above post. And as I want desperately to record what we have been up to the last few days, I am falling asleep now, as I attempt to record a little bit of this summer. It is nearly over, and according to my written record, we have had an incredibly boring time of it!
As it stands, Keith finished reading the Book of Mormon yesterday! I am so proud of him! I don't think he got much out of it, but that fact that he was spending about an hour a day reading in the scriptures, I know that has to do him some good somehow.

Okay, I literally just woke up again, attempting to write all of this down. I will do today's highlights, and then hopefully come back tomorrow to elaborate.

We were going to go to the aquarium with my brother and his family, but by the time Vince and Asa woke up from their naps it was too late, so we just hung out at my mom's house and visited while the kids played.Then when Jeffrey got home from work we took the kids to his parent's house, and we went on a date and it was awesome! I haven't had that much fun with him for a while, and all we did was talk, and laugh. And then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got to get 2 of my favorite books! I am so excited to read them again!

Tomorrow we are going to hopefully be framing a closet so we can move Keith into his new room and get Faye moved, and Vince moved in with Beth, so I can make room for the baby! And hopefully I won't be too tired to record it all!

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