Celebrating May Day~ The Forgotten Scandinavian Holiday

The windows are open again today, and the fresh air is intoxicating as it wafts through my home, encircling and lolling me while I rock an extremely stubborn baby. He is exhausted, his eyes are constantly creeping closed, yet when he realizes, he will jerk them wide again, shaking his head in annoyance that his body would sell out on him like that.  Vince can hear Beth and Taelynn running around, laughing, and playing outside, and he wants so desperately to join them. And yet, his body's desire to sleep is being fought and losing to the desire to go outside and play. Not that I can blame him. Every day, as I cuddle him and hum his lullaby, I gaze out my front window and am beckoned by that gorgeous green canopy that is growing thicker each day. I have decided that I am going to hang a hammock between my front yard trees. It will be glorious to lay out there in the green sun filtered glow of the maples, book on my swelling belly as I listen to my children running around and playing. Smigh.

Why no, I am not a romantic at all. Why do you ask?

Yesterday was May Day. I love May Day. It is my grandparent's anniversary and when I was a child, every year we would dance around the May Pole. If it was too cold and rainy, they would set it up indoors, and all of the cousins would grab a ribbon and we would weave in between each other, creating an intricate dance and design when we were finished. And the May Pole always looked so beautiful! My Grandma and Grandpa would go for a walk every year, rain or shine on May 1st, to celebrate another year together, and another year of Spring. I loved welcoming the spring with my family in this way. And so, yesterday I was determined that we were going to celebrate, and in my own small way, I will make May Day a beautiful day and memory for my children to look back on when they are grown.

While they were at school Lisa Johnson and I made May Day baskets.

We filled them with treats and displayed them on the piano for the kids to see when they got home from school. I was quite proud of the handiwork and thought they looked beautiful. The kids didn't care about the baskets, they were just thrilled for the content!

After they had thoroughly gorged themselves on treats, we set out for a May Day walk. Keith was grumpy through half of it. He either ran really far ahead, or lagged behind, dragging his feet. But once we got beneath the leafy umbrella of trees, he was happy again and walked with us as we admired the lush emerald elfin land around us.

We heard baby birds calling to their mamas, and other birds warbling the most delightful songs! There were wild tulips growing here and there, and the smell of new life, a beautiful future and the hope that comes with Spring was inebriating. On our way, we paused at the duck pond to look at the way the ripples and small waves teased the light into a frantic dance upon its surface.

The ducks and geese either joined in the frolics, or stood aloofly by, judging from the log.

It was difficult to leave such splendor, but the children were anxious to play.

We got to our destination, which was a park, and I let the kids run around.

Poor Vince, though. He had only been out of the stroller for 3 minutes before he tripped and got a little to intimate with the gravel paved ground. I instantly picked him up and his lip had swollen already. His nose was scraped, and he had so much blood coming out of his mouth! I felt so bad, as I hadn't brought anything to clean him up with, or his binki. I took off his jacket and used that to try to clean up a little of the blood. And my shirt got a lot of it as he buried his face into my shoulder and sobbed. I looked at the clock and said a little prayer. Jeffrey gets home from work around 4:45, and makes dinner. He doesn't usually get on the computer until after dinner is finished and the dishes are washed. I prayed that he would get on his computer so I could send him a message to come and get us. And he did! He doesn't have a phone because he never used it anyway so there was no point in paying for it. So we communicate through the computer when we need to. He got on the computer and I was able to ask him to come pick us up so I wouldn't have to walk a screaming baby all the way back home. Plus, we could get him cleaned up quicker and ice on that nose and lip! Jeffrey came right away and I was so grateful!

These pictures of Vince are about 3 minutes after he fell. Blood encrusted and swollen, but smiling. He is such an incredibly resilient boy, and so happy!

Not the best way to  end May Day, but it was lovely while it lasted. I hope to be better prepared next year, but we'll see.

I know it seems silly to get so excited about the weather and seasons, but it makes me laugh. It really is something I thrive on! I am just so happy to finally be able to have all the windows open again, and to have my house engulfed in the smell of the outdoors, and Spring.

And Beth has been bringing me as many dandelions as she can find. Too bad I am terribly allergic to them (and by allergic, I mean, that I get seasonal problems). I can't bear to tell her to stop, though, as she gets so happy when she presents them to me. I just have to put them in a vase and display them on my counter! And they really do brighten up the place, so that is wonderful. I just throw them away each night before they wilt too much.

Happy May!


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