Vince, the Fashionista

As I was reading back over last week, I had to laugh. Yes, laugh again.

How funny that it was so similar to last week!

Last week ended with sickness. First Vince, and then Faye and I got it on Sunday. It was terrible. Especially since Keith had a Celebration of Learning on Monday, and I missed his last one because it happened right after Vince was born. So I couldn't miss this one! Except there was no way that I could go, I was so sick, and so was Faye. And I was also still babysitting. And so I called in the reinforcements.


I am so glad that we live near them and that they were able to go to it with him. His teacher is just a doll and took pictures and sent them to me. I love her so much!

Wednesday was a really rough day. It was just so hard. The girls were ridiculously difficult, the babies were so fussy, and I was still recovering from my bout of sickness. I had a stomach ache that had been going on since Monday. I was so incredibly tired. And I was exhausted. Taelynn was just cantankerous, and Brynlee was very grumpy and obstinate. But no worries.We got through it, and I did mange to laugh at some of it. I am very grateful that her school teacher is my cousin, though. That helps things tremendously! As we were trying to do her homework she kept telling me things like she isn't supposed to read, her teacher said that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want it. Or that the Y is silent, and she doesn't have to read any words with Y in it. I could easily ask her if she needed me to call her teacher to verify.

She hates that I know her teacher.

Thursday happened.

I felt gross on Thursday and so was determined to shower. I got the babies down for their naps, and then did something I had never dared do before. I put Taelynn's favorite movie on, threatened them to not move from my bed, where they were watching, and hurried through a shower. It totally worked! I got a shower and I was thrilled.

I felt like I could conquer anything. I felt like the day would be fabulous and so much better than the day before.

My friend called me and asked if I could watch her daughter for an hour or so while she ran her son to the doctor. She later told me that she didn't know I watch other kids. But I am always happy to help my friends when they ask. Besides. I had just taken a shower with all 4 kids in the house. I could do anything!

Except her son was a lot sicker than she had thought, and had to be on a nebulizer, so the appointment lasted a lot longer than she had expected. Which was fine, clear up to the end. I put Taelynn and Beth down for their naps. I was holding Vince in one arm, Jack in one arm, and had my friend's daughter in front of me.

That was when Vince decided he didn't like my outfit. He threw up all over it. I had Jack in one arm, Vince in one arm, and my friend's daughter in front of me. The throw up came in gushes and I prayed he wouldn't get it on anyone.

Just me.

Thankfully my friend came right then to pick up her daughter. She held Vince so I could go and change my clothes and then she had to rush home to care for her sick son.

Beth and Taelynn were not sleeping. They were getting into things, and being the force to be reckoned with, that they are.

Like I said, Beth has been regressing with potty training. I went into my room to change a second time (Vince was not happy with that outfit choice, either), and found a puddle as well as poop on my floor. At this point, I was just so tired and the previous day's drama caught up with me, and I did something I didn't find easy.

I sat down on the couch. Beth was making more of a mess in the kitchen, and I didn't have the strength or energy to correct her. Jack and Taelynn were asleep, thankfully. Vince threw up on me again. And I just sat there, holding a bowl under his chin for him to throw up in, and I started to cry. It was so hard, yet nothing was so very difficult. It isn't like I have never dealt with vomit before, or cranky kids, or cleaned up bathroom stuff. I have done all of that. Many times. I really don't know why I couldn't cope with it yesterday, but I couldn't.

I called Jeffrey. He didn't answer.

I called Adrienne and hoped that she wouldn't answer because I didn't want to ask for help, even though I needed help.

She didn't answer.

I cried some more from relief and a tiny bit of disappointment. I didn't know how I would ask her for help, anyway. I didn't need help. I just needed... help.

I sat and pondered my situation a little more, and before I really realized it, I had called Lisa. I tripped over my words, clumsily explained that I was fine, I didn't need help, and she rushed right over. Because she is the greatest.

Adrienne called me. I explained to her that I was fine and just losing my mind, but really, I was fine.

Lisa showed up and held Vince so I could change my clothes and clean up my room from Beth's present. I then pulled out the Lysol and went crazy on everything either his spit or his vomit had touched. And then Adrienne showed up. Because I didn't need help, and she knew that it was a big fat lie, and even though I was very capable of coping on my own, in my own way (which at this point would have been huddled up fetal style beneath the table), she should just come over anyway.

My two dear friends held babies and talked me down from my ledge of crazy, and even helped me straighten up my kitchen a bit! And then they were off, as quickly as they had come. Because kids were getting home from school, so they needed to be home.

The rest of the day went much smoother after that.

Keith and I took a gift to his school teacher because she wasn't going to be at school today. We then went and got dinner at a place that was doing a school fundraiser for their school. All in all, it was a good close to a very difficult day.

Today was so much better. Again, nothing great happened. I took the baby to the doctor's office. They said it is either the tail end of the original virus, or the beginnings of a new virus. Here's hoping it is the tail end!

I'm so glad I am sane again, though. Just saying.


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