Thursday, December 1, 2016

Collecting the Moments One by One

***This was written November 17th. I have no idea why I didn't post it.***

I love my life!

As I sit in my reading chair listening to the wind whip faded leaves against my windows and the crows calling to one another, gently patting Vince's back as he snuggles in close, content and happy with a full belly, I marvel at my life. How is it that I get to live the life of my dreams? How am I so lucky that I can do exactly what it is that I have always wanted to do?

All growing up, I just wanted to be a mom. I wanted to play with my kids and have a house to take care of and a truly stellar husband to adore. Somehow, I must have been a very good girl because several times every day I catch myself thinking, "I love my life!" I love chasing Beth around and making her laugh. I love the sweet snuggles Vince gives as he is drifting off to sleep. I love that my house is finally mostly clean. I can live with mostly clean because it is so much easier to get all the way clean quickly. 

Nothing noteworthy or very interesting happened today, and I am still so happy to be where I am in life.   Beth makes me laugh all the time, though. She found Vince's bottle of apple juice, and decided she wanted to taste it. Except it was a bottle that had rolled under the couch, so it had been there for a few days. I told her to put it in the sink because if we gave it to Vince, it would get him sick. With her hand on her hip and her head tilted defiantly she retorted, "I'm not sick." in a very offended voice. I told her I knew she wasn't sick but if she drank that old juice she might get sick. I just love the sass that came out of her, though. Like she was offended that I would dare to suggest Vince would get sick drinking from the bottle after she drank from it, completely missing the part where I told her that it was full of germs because it had been sitting beneath the couch for a few days.

My days with the quiet of just my children are numbered because very soon I will be watching my friend's kids again. But that is nice, too, because there will be 2 three year olds, which means double trouble, or they can keep each other busy while I attend to the 8 month old and the 3 month old. And then their 6 year old gets here after school shortly after my kids get home, and they play for an hour before all the kids go home. So there is all of the instant friend thing going on, and it makes me happy to see my children learning and interacting with other kids. Besides, I adore those kids, and they just add to my joy and contentment...

...and chaos, and grey hairs, etc. But I will gladly take it! What a blessing it is that I get these extra kids to come into my home and be friends with my kids, and I get to just laugh with them all the live long day. I am simply spoiled rotten, I tell you!

And I am again reminded of the song Mushaboom by Fiest. Especially the line where she says, "Collecting the moments one by one
Guess that's how the living's done."

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