Winter Lights

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Winter has begun.

How do I know this? Well, it isn't because of the snow, and it isn't because of the temperature. We have only had a tiny bit of snow, a dusting really. And it has been down right pleasant up until yesterday. It was near the 70's at the beginning of this week, for Pete's sake!

While snow and cold weather are tale tell signs of Winter, the surest and most dependable way to know is the temperature of my feet.

My father came over today and he and I rigged some hooks in the top of the car port, wrapping around and to the front for the extension cord to follow. He then helped me put up our Christmas lights. Now, I am a staunch believer that Christmas and Thanksgiving should be separate, I also believe that it is smart to put the lights up before it gets so frigid that it feels like my fingers will break off because of the cold. I may or may not turn them on, I haven't decided yet. But the point is, Christmas lights are up, and they are pretty, and I was outside for about half an hour helping my dad. When we finished and I came in, I of course had to tackle my kids and use them as giggling, fighting, hand warmers. Because it is important for them to know that I was just out in the cold, hanging up the lights... or safe on the ground and untangling the lights while my dad put them up... while they were cozy in the house. And so, since no one seemed interested in admiring the twinkly icicle lights, I had to attack them and use them to warm up my hands. Quite frankly, I don't get them. I loved running outside to admire the colorful effect of the Christmas lights when I was a kid. I had to see them in full effect, sometimes several times a night, much to my mother's chagrin, what with the running in and out, door slamming, and cold air pushing into the house the second the door was opened. I don't know what is wrong with kids these days.

But I tangent. My feet, however, are another story. You see, I have been inside for a good hour and a half. I have wool socks on, slippers, and a heavy flannel blanket wrapped around my legs and feet. I have made dinner, standing in front of the heater, and I made cocoa, hoping it would warm me from the inside out. Were I to remove all of the wrappings from my feet, as Jeffrey stated today, "When compared to the farthest asteroids in the Kepler belt, your feet would are still colder."



Susan Anderson said…

Have to chuckle at Jeffrey.


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