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I am so excited as the weatherman has been promising snow for tomorrow! Granted, it isn't supposed to stick, but it will fall, and that is my favorite part about snow anyway. To see it lazily fluttering down, like a shredded pillow, blanketing everything in sight. Granted, it might snow when we are all asleep, but to wake up in the morning to that glow that comes only after a fresh snow fall will be so exciting!

We have been busily getting ready for Thanksgiving and Faye's birthday. Yesterday we had an early Family Home Evening and the kids and I talked about traditions we want to do. Keith looked very afronted when he shouted out, "Hey! We already have a tradition. We always watch Star Wars on Thanksgiving!"

Truth be told, last year was the first time we ever did that, but sure, we can do that as a family. I discovered a game online that I am excited to play with the kids called Run Turkey, Run! More about that later. We made strips of paper and all wrote down 5 things on it. I am going to transfer those lists of gratitude to parchment paper and bake them into the crescent rolls. It will be like a fortune cookie but with a roll, and gratitude. During dinner we will then have to guess whose it is. 

When we finished coming up with our traditions we want to do this year, we moved on to family rules. In the past I have tried to implement rules here and there, but they never seemed to stick. That is not to say that we didn't have rules, but we didn't have anything concrete, or something that the kids could see. So, I let them make the rules.

  • Kind Voices. We want to always keep our voices calm and use kind words to each other so that we can invite the Spirit into our home. When this rule is broken, the guilty party has to go sit on the deck for 10 minutes. Parents are included in this and all rules, with the exception of shouting out warnings for danger.
  • No slamming doors. This will keep our bodies safe, and the house nice. When this is violated, the slammer must gently open and close (fully) the door 50 times.
  • We are all responsible for our own stuff. By keeping track of our own things, this will help our house to stay clean, Mom to stay sane, and invite the Spirit. When stuff is left out, if Mom has to pick it up, she gets to keep it for a month. If it is forgotten about, it goes to the DI.
  • Keep limbs to ourselves. That means no kicking, pinching, hitting, etc. This one was mostly for Faye because when she gets mad she kicks Keith in the crotch. Ouch! When this is violated, the attacker has to do a chore from the person they are attacking. The victim gets to chose the choose that the attacker has to do.
  • No Murmuring. This is my favorite because Keith, my biggest complainer, came up with this one. We will not complain or murmur about life. If one is caught murmuring, they will sit at the table and fill a whole page in the gratitude journal, not repeating anything. I hope that this will help them to look for blessings and to learn to see the silver lining of things.
Seriously, are those not awesome chores that my kids came up with? I am so proud of them! And my house has been surprisingly clean since then. I know, I know. One day isn't a fair trial, but it has been glorious! And, I haven't raised my voice at the kids in about 4 days. I am loving this magic of a clean house! If only I had thought of it years  ago. Sigh. Meanwhile I have so much more time to do what I love best, and that is to play with the kids. I have really been cherishing my time with Vince and Beth. I should be cleaning or, baking, or studying. Instead I sit on the floor with them and we tickle Vince. We read stories. We talk. We play games. And when we are finished, I realize that I was where I was supposed to be all along. Beth has now begun to tell Keith and Faye about "Beth and Mommy time," making the two of them very jealous. And then I remind them that I hygge with them and Beth is usually asleep by that time, so it all evens out.


Susan Anderson said…
Your family is really growing up fast!


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