A Gloomy Wonderful Day of Birth

***Post originally written 10/16***
I was made for Octobers. Both literally and figuratively. Literally because this is my birth month, but really, because this whole month, the moody brooding of the sky and the bipolar weather just make me so happy!

Today is a day of explicit joy. 9 years ago, on a day very much like today with its glum skies and delicious wind and rain, Keith made me a mother. I remember holding him in my arms for only a moment before they whisked him away to NICU, and the long difficult days that followed until we got to bring him home. I wasn't able to hold him a lot those first few days, but I certainly made up for it as soon as they let me take him home! He doesn't like to let me hold him so much anymore, being a big kid and all. But there are quiet moments where he steals into my room, or squishes in next to me on my reading chair, and we cuddle and talk, or cuddle and read. He is such a wise old soul, and always has been. Keith is such a special spirit, and I honestly don't think there is anyone in the whole world quite like him. 

This morning I woke up to him snuggled under my covers, eyes wide open, looking at me, obviously impatient for the day to begin. His first words to me were, "I'm 9 now! Can I open my presents?" I laughed and looked at the clock. It was far too early for anyone to be awake. I told him to go back to sleep, and I followed my own advice. Half an hour later, I was awakened again. He had found my phone and was trying to watch a movie on it. And then the baby woke up. And then Keith turned on the TV. And then Faye woke up. Sigh. I fed the baby, changed his diaper, rocked him until he was snuggled close, sleeping again, and then sent the older kids into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I promptly fell asleep again. It was sort of nice, being able to go to sleep again, as I knew we weren't going to church today. All my kids are sick, and Vince woke up with a fever, so going to church was absolutely out of the question. I hate the weekly fight of trying to get Keith into his church clothes.

Jeffrey went to our friends' baby blessing while the girls and I cuddled in my bed, nestled in pajamas and blankets, watching Harry Potter. I especially love the drizzle outside and the wide open window which set some incredible ambiance. I submit that one of life's greatest pleasures is the warm coziness of blankets with a cool autumn breeze, coupled with the squeals of delight from children who you love more than life itself!
When Jeffrey got home, we decided to let Keith open his presents.

His face says it all.
That is a Link hat from The Legend of Zelda (his Halloween costume), a Gravity Falls journal, and Ocarina of Time (a Zelda video game). Jeffrey also has a CD for Keith, Imagine Dragons. He is quite pleased with today thus far. I am happy, because I just love his guts, and his happiness makes me happy. 

Nearly a decade old, this boy of mine makes life full of adventures and joy.


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