My Darling Beth,

Last Saturday marked the third anniversary of you joining our little family, and I have to tell you what a wonderful addition you are. I can't imagine life without you. You are such a light, and an intrinsic component of our lives. I love how quick you are to laugh. You think everything is a joke. You are the reason I have gone against so many of my "I would never..." parental vows. For example, when we go places, you love to run away and hide, watching the panic on my face as I frantically search for you. 

Usually a kind passerby will point you out to me, hiding behind a shelf, or in a rack of clothes, or around a corner. Because of this, we now make you wear a leash. 


I know! I used to scorn the parents who needed a leash to look after their children, and here you have me eating humble pie. It tastes a lot like peace of mind, I must say.

You love to explore life and everything in your little universe. We have learned that we have to watch you much more closely than we ever did Keith or Faye. You have a nose for mischief and you love to get it dirty! Last week I had to go to a meeting and your Daddy called me home in a panic. Apparently, you had found the red house paint we had been using to paint the rental house, and you decided to paint the walls, floor, tv, table, chairs, couches, and yourself. A few weeks prior to that you had gotten into my acrylic paints and done the same thing to the upstairs of our house. 

Not to mention the many times you have found markers and colored the walls, the couches, yourself...

You love to play with barbies and dollies. You do everything from change their diapers, feed them, take them for walks, and give them baths. You love to bathe those dollies of yours. Every day. 

Flooding my bathroom and gleefully dumping an entire bottle of soap into the water with them to make sure they get squeaky clean. You also love bath time for yourself, and any time you hear the water running, you insist on climbing in with whoever is currently in the shower/tub. When you don't have any dollies on hand, you make do with what you have. You have used your blocks as dolls, or pieces of paper, and once, I even saw you using your fingers as you imagined they were dollies since nothing else was around.

You love to get your hair fixed. Every morning you ask if I can fix your hair. You bring me the hair box and spray bottle and while I comb out the snarls and untangle your gorgeous honey colored curls, you gleefully watch Heidi on Netflix. The same Heidi as the book written by Johanna Spyri in 1881. Because you have great literary taste, my dear. Or, if you are not in the mood for Heidi, you watch Brave because Merida is your favorite Disney Princess. And it makes me laugh because we briefly considered naming you Merida. But you are such a wild and free spirit, and oh so brave! I love that she is your favorite, because she does her own saving.

Right now your favorite color is pink. The only thing you asked for, for your birthday, was a pink cake. 

Every time, you specified that it must be a pink cake. I mentioned many other things, toys, games, dolls, etc. You would not be swayed. A pink cake you must have, and a pink cake is what you got!

You love to listen to music and dance with your brother and sister. You love going to dance class and running around, playing with the other girls in dance. You are so friendly and when you meet a new friend, it doesn't take you any time at all to envelop that child in your world of imagination.

Bethy, you are the world's greatest cleaner! When I ask for help to clean up the living room, you jump right on it. Keith and Faye will stand there arguing about who has to do it, and who made the bigger mess, and you just jump right in, and begin putting things away. And you do such a great job of getting most of the things in the correct places, even!

Your favorite food right now is anything with sugar in it. Or cheese. you love cheese and will sometimes get into the fridge at night when you should be sleeping. You take a big bite out of the brick of cheddar, wrap it back up, and place it back in the cheese drawer in the fridge for me to find the next time I am needing it. With a complex dental imprint on the corners of the cheese. 

Your favorite thing to do is go for walks, or be read to. You love to be outside and active, whether it be on the trampoline, or in the stroller or just walking down the street. If you find a book lying around, you insist it be read to you, because to you, that is the greatest thing in the world. And I don't mind doing it, as it really helps your imagination. Sometimes your Paca Stories comes over to read to you. You call him that, because he is the one who reads. You will climb up on his lap with a mountain of books, and not let him leave until he has read every last one to you. He loves it as much as you do.

I am so happy that I get to be your mom, and that you still come and cuddle with me every morning. I love your cuddles with your nose tickling hair. When you are tired, you rub your ear lobe. When you are exceptionally tired, you reach up and rub my ear lobe. You still have a binki, and I dread the day when we get rid of it, though I know it must happen soon. You do NOT sleep without your binki. If you wake up in the middle of the night and we can't find it, you howl from my bedroom that you want your binki. You won't nap without it, and I know that the day you give up your binki will be the day you give up naps. I am heavily debating which is more important to me. 

You adore your little brother and idolize your older brother and sister. Never have I seen such a younger sibling so successfully tease their older siblings. You have a knack of getting under Keith and Faye's skin, and you laugh and laugh as they are trying to get away. And you have recently started kissing everything. I mean everything! Stair rails, packages at the store, windows, doorknobs, etc. You get so much joy out of loving everything in sight! 

I cannot believe that I am as lucky as I am to call you my daughter. I love you forever, Everly Beth!



Susan Anderson said…
What a delightful post, Amy!
And guess what. I had to use a leash, too.
Safety is worth it.


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