My poor floor!

This too, happened while I was feeding the baby.
Oh my poor neglected blog. Life happens and I get far too tired to update. I remember once upon a time when Keith was little and Faye was a baby I scoffed at the people who neglected their blogs, naively thinking I would never not post. Blogging was such a huge part of my life back then. And then Beth was born and it was a little harder. And then we moved and it was a bit more difficult. And then I got pregnant with Vince, and I no longer had energy at night when the day was done, and I had time to write, because I wanted nothing more in the world than my pillow, and sleep. And now, I feel so much better, but I am just busy, and I have to prioritize and let things that aren't AS important fall by the wayside. Like my sweet little blog here.

And now, instead of scoffing, I long for those days when I had time to read other people's blogs, and I had time to sit down and type my heart and soul into the computer, cherishing and remembering each and every little thing that happened that day.

Oh nostalgia!

And yet, here I am again, attempting to slow life down and capture just a snapshot of what my days are like.

Since being released from primary, I get to plan all of the activities for Relief Society. And it is a wonderful and fun calling. I love it. I love that I get to release some creativity in this calling. Not that I have a ton, but I get by, and the little that I can do, even designing the fliers, makes me happy. I have been crazy busy the past few weeks, though, trying to plan our upcoming Super Saturday crafts. I am very excited about it, and hope that the women in my ward will like what we have been preparing for them! This Sunday we will be putting up a table to display everything along with sign up sheets, and I am so busy trying to get everything prepared and ready for the display table. Because of that, I have done nothing but craft all week, and my house has greatly suffered for it.

*** All that was written Friday night. Fast forward to tonight, Monday night. ***

It is true, I did practically nothing last week but craft. I am excited for these crafts, and if all else fails, I at least have some new cute craft things to display around my house. I still have a few last minute touches to put on things, and I am going to be doing a give away for one of them, so stay tuned for that. I am happy that I am going to finally get around to cleaning my house. There have been so many things preventing that, such as sickness, and deadlines, keeping me from doing the regular mom things, so this week will be nice to get caught on up things.

So yesterday was an adventure. Saturday night I was up way too late, trying to get things finished for the display table on Sunday. Sunday morning I woke up with a migraine. One of the worst I have had in a long time! I couldn't get up because I was in too much pain. I was supposed to help out in a primary class, so I forced myself to get up and get ready for church. Vince and I went to talk about the care needed to have and take care of a healthy baby in the 4 year old class. They were adorable. After that I set up things on the display table, and sat down, leaning my head against the cool brick, wishing I were home and in bed because my head was in too much pain. When church finally let out and I went home, I was extremely nauseated and sweating from the pain of it. I handed Vince off to Jeffrey, got a drink of my Pink Drink (a new supplement I have been taking which eases inflammation and regulates blood sugar) and went to my bed to lay down. It was brutal! I lay there, wishing and praying for relief. I couldn't sleep because the children were making normal children noises. Soon, however, within an hour of me drinking my drink, the pain was completely gone! I am so happy and want to sing from the roof-tops about it! My mother commented that the only reason I want to talk about my Pink Drink is because I am a distributor, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am a distributor because of the miracles it produces. Because it takes away my migraines!  Anyway, my pain finally went away, and Vince woke up, so I took him back into my room to feed him. While feeding him, there was a knock at the door. It was insistent since no one was answering. I couldn't get up and the kids were downstairs playing. Eventually Keith heard the door and answered it. It was my mother in law. Luckily I was nearly finished feeding Vince and was able to go out and greet her.

And what did mine eyes behold?!

In my brief hour long retreat for relief, and the added 20 minutes of feeding the baby, the girls had gotten into my acrylic paint, and painted the table, the chairs, the floor, and the wall. Beth, who is very nearly completely potty trained and decided she couldn't be bothered and just pooped all over the floor. So, there were 2 big puddles of poop, one of pee, and paint smeared all over the kitchen. I discovered this, all while my mother in law sat on the living room couch, where she had a perfect view of the atrocities that had happened.Not to mention, it was fairly hard to miss considering the smell. Gah! Thank heavens I had gotten rid of my migraine, because I was in a fantastic mood! I was so happy and in awe that my drink could so completely help my pain go away, that the mess didn't even faze me. Luckily, I don't mind those bodily messes, so set right to work cleaning it up while she held Vince and then kids went to get their dad.

Today was lovely, though. We got up, the kids and I packed a lunch and then met 2 of my out of town siblings and their families up in the mountains for a beautiful picnic and stroll. It was adorable how Beth kept calling them "her mountains." I think that comes from a combination of listening to me gush over my love of "my mountains" and watching the show Heidi where she constantly calls them her mountains as well.

After that we were going to go to Heber City to see the trains and get some ice cream from the Dairy Keen, but the van was acting a little iffy and I had the most terrifying drive down the mountain I have ever experienced. At one point the engine turned off, which meant the steering wheel no longer wanted to turn, and the breaks weren't working very well, either. I told the kids to start praying their guts out, and they and I did, and I was able to pull off to the shoulder of the road, and restart the van, having no further incidence the rest of the ride home. But it was brilliant, because it really wore out the kids. They were so tired when we got home!

I will admit, we weren't the most fun parents tonight, though. We began bedtime around 7:30, and Faye was not going to be deceived. She knew that tonight was the 4th of July, and that means fireworks! She did her best to stay up to watch the neighbors light fireworks, but Jeffrey and I are both tired, so we went to bed. Meaning Jeffrey went down to tuck Keith in bed and fell asleep down with him. I was in my room, nearly asleep, when I heard squeals of laughter and "my turn, my turn!" being shouted. And then suddenly a wail of pain from Beth. They thought it would be a good idea to dump my whole bottle of dish soap on the wood floor, and skate in it across the floor. The wail came from Beth, who inevitably lost her balance and fell in a puddle of dish soap. On my wood floor! Which made me want to send them to bed before fireworks so much more! Not because I wanted to be mean, but because I was tired and wanted to put myself to bed.

And so, I put these memories down, so I don't forget them, to the wonderful popping sound of celebrations, and the blazing sky of independence. It has been a wonderful day, full of ups and downs and everything, Complete with our annual dinner of bacon wrapped anything. Tonight it was hot dogs and corn dogs with the Nerds. Delicious!

!!! Happy Independence Day !!!


Lisa said…
Oh Beth!! She and Emily... We should plan now to never let them play. Who knows what mischief they'll come up with!! ;) miss you lady!
Lisa said…
Oh Beth!! She and Emily... We should plan now to never let them play. Who knows what mischief they'll come up with!! ;) miss you lady!

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