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I just love this picture of Keith. So serene and contemplative. This is the essence of my boy.
It seems after I have a baby, I always have to go to the dentist. Those adorable little parasites leach my body of calcium and my teeth suffer, despite the brushing and flossing.

Last week one of my teeth began to hurt when I put pressure on it. Then on Friday, another tooth began to hurt when it was touched with heat, or cold, and I couldn't put pressure on it. And so, with dread, I scheduled an appointment for my dentist. I didn't want to deal with another cavity, and especially didn't want to deal with the bill.

Today was my appointment. I gathered the children, and we headed down, the nearly hour long drive, until we reached the dentist. I love my dentist. We chit chatted for a bit first, and then he inspected my teeth while the office ladies oohed and aahed over Mister Vinster. The good news is I don't have any cavities like I suspected! Apparently, having a sinus infection can cause pain in the back top teeth. Weird, right? And then, despite my best efforts, I have been grinding my teeth again, or so it seems. My extremely painful tooth has an exposed root. Happily, he slapped some fluoride on it, and the pain receded. He then sent me home with some fluoride toothpaste to apply directly to the tooth, Since I didn't bring it with me, he asked me to text him some pictures of my retainer, both in my mouth and out of it.

That was absolutely the strangest text I have ever sent to anyone!

Afterwards, though, was the highlight of our day. I had promised the children that we would go to the Tracy Aviary, and so we did!

The best part, though, was that our friend Kylie works there and was able to give the kids a mini tour before she had to rush off.

They love seeing Kylie! And they love playing at the bird park. Also, the baby toucan is huge, and was so fun to watch and hear!

We didn't stay very long. I was willing to stay longer, but the kids led me out after seeing only half of the park.

I love taking them on outings because it typically wears them out. They went right to bed, and now, Jeffrey and I are on a hot date, watching Lord of the Rings in our pajamas. We have finally made it out of the Shire, and it only took us 2 weeks to do so. It is so fun to hear him heckle it, though. We love to heckle movies.

Another successful day has come to a close.

What a wonderful life I live!


Susan Anderson said…
Glad your teeth weren't in need of too much intervention. We love watching Lord of the Rings, but I'm not sure how well any heckling of it would go over in my family. Except for the ending, that is. It drags on too long and gets too corny in the Shire. 😊

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