Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Let Me Formally Introduce to You

Let me formally introduce my newest favorite baby. He goes by many names. Vince. Prince Vince. Vice Charming. Vinster. Mister Vinster. Little Man. And Ginger Boy.

This boy, I can't even being to introduce him in a way that would do him justice. He has so much personality and just melts my heart a million times a day, regardless of how cliché it sounds. I used to wonder when people would talk about getting to know their babies personalities, how they could do that. I mean, babies are babies. They eat, poop, and sleep. Some cry a bit more than others, but how on earth can you determine a personality from that? Even after having three kids I wondered when people would say that. From his baby years I had no idea how imaginative Keith would be. I had no way of knowing how tender hearted or caring he is. Or how funny and energetic Faye is. We didn't know that she would be the most generous child we had ever encountered. And with Beth, how could we know from being around her as a baby what a prankster she would turn into? And how independent she would become? I just figured other parents were more perceptive than we were, because none of that was evident. Until I spent a little bit of time with Vince.  This boy... words really do fail me.

Vince is patient and trusting. He doesn't cry much, just grunts a lot. But if he is crying because he needs his diaper changed, as soon as I pull off his pants he stops crying. It's as if he knows that I am in the process of trying to help him. Same for if he needs to eat. He stops crying and lays patiently, just watching me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his. But when he does cry, it is the manliest cry I have ever heard come out of a baby. It is deep and gruff, and not at all wailing like most babies do. It honestly made me laugh the first time I heard it. What a manly little cry he has!

He is the smiliest baby of 2 months I have ever encountered. His favorite past time is to lay in my arms, gazing into my eyes and challenging me to a smiling contest. Except he doesn't smile for anyone except me. He may have smiled at Jeffrey once or twice. But he would smile at me all the live long day. Today as I was holding him and we locked eyes, I felt an immense pity for any girl that gets caught in the crossfire of that gaze. He had a look, and it was different than just glancing around. His eyes were so large and deep, and they completely captivated me. They were so full of love, trust, promise, and devotion all at once. If he had been able to ask me for the moon, I would have done my absolute best to get it for him at that moment. There is no way I could have said no to any request from him when he looked at me life that. Which spells out trouble with a capital T in the near future.
As for now, I am in Trouble. He has just in the past few days begun to coo while he smiles and giggles at me. He coos and makes the sweetest noises ever, and I am a goner. Add on top of that the sweet little kisses he tries to give me. When I am carrying him upright, he will try to kiss my neck. That, or he is part vampire.

Since he was born, Vinster has been a glorious sleeper. From about a week old, my gorgeous little man has been sleeping consistently for 6 hours at a time in the night. He often will give me 8 hours as well. He has begun to take longer naps, too. The other day he took a for hour nap, and I was so amazed at what I was able to accomplish not being pregnant or caring around a baby. I must admit, though, I do have to constantly check on him when he sleeps longer than 2 hours. Especially if it goes into the 3 hour mark of when he should eat next. So far, though, he has been just a wonderful sleeper.
When he is awake, Little Man is quite content to sit in his bouncer, near me, happy as a puppy, observing the world. He hates to be in my wrap, though, which can be a little frustrating when he is in the mood to be held. But really, I can't complain because I mostly love to sit and hold him. Saturday night I decided to let him do some tummy time, and he absolutely shocked both Jeffrey and me by rolling over! I am not sure he knows what he did, but the fact remains, he rolled over long before any of my other kids did! None of them rolled over before 6 months, so this is quite the milestone in our house!

When he was first born, Vince Charming took nearly an hour to eat every time he ate. That took SO much of my day away! Happily, he is just now figuring out how to eat faster and we are down to about 40 minutes each feeding. All my other kids were about 20-30 minutes total, so I am glad he is getting faster.

Not one of my kids can resist him. They all love his squishy little face.

The girls are absolutely devoted to him. I suspect he may have ensnared them with that gaze as well. Keith said he lives the silly faces that Vince pulls, and he is right, that Little Man does pull some comical faces. My favorite is what Jeffrey calls the Bones McCoy eyebrow.  

Except that sneaky boy will never let me capture it on camera. And so, yet again, a member of my family can easily raise one eyebrow, and I can only watch in jealously.

Finally, there is the matter of my Adonis' hair.

On camera it looks blond-ish. In person it becomes iridescent, changing between very blond, ginger, and light brown. I have tried and tried in vain to get a good photo of that glorious hair to no avail.

But I am so excited that his hair has that natural blush to it. I figure we couldn't see the ginger when he was first born because if sort of blended in to his jaundice tone. Now the jaundice is completely gone, that tabby hair color really is shining through. I can't figure out the origin of this gorgeous color, but keep my fingers crossed daily that it will stay. Jeffrey doesn't have anyone with red in his family line, nor do I. Both Jeffrey and my father have brown hair and red beards, but from what I hear, that is fairly common and doesn't usually climb its way on up to someone's head hair color. Regardless of how it got there, I hope and pray it stays. In the meantime, I sing Ginger Boy to him (a la the 1962 hit Soldier Boy by the Shirelles) and dance him around.


Chantel said...

I'm so glad he's a good baby!!!! We need to get together this summer once this dreaded month of May is over. There is so much piled on this month!!!

Chantel said...

I'm so glad he's a good baby!!!! We need to get together this summer once this dreaded month of May is over. There is so much piled on this month!!!

Crystal Collier said...

He's so adorable! You're totally taking me back a year to when Sera was that age. Such a sweet place to be. Oh, and she has the same hair! LOL. Enjoy that sweet little boy.