Sunday, May 22, 2016

Faye's Day

At the kids' school they have a thing called Community Circle. It is a chance for the other grades (and parents!) to see what a particular grade has been working on. They do one each month, and this past Friday was the Kindergarten's turn.

It was as adorable as it sounds.

They all got new matching bee shirts, and they got to sit in front of the whole school. Foolishly, the teachers thought it would be a good idea to put Faye front and center.

Man alive, I have never seen a more wiggly child! She was so excited that all her grandparents would be there, and that she got to do two parts! She wiggled and bounced her legs. She tucked her ankles behind the legs of the chair, gripped the sides of it tightly, and made the chair dance, inadvertently teaching all the other children near her how to make their chairs dance as well. When we all stood for the pledge, she shot out of her chair like it was on fire. Amidst all her squiggles and wiggles, I turned to my mother and asked her if I was that wiggly as a child. "Almost," she chuckled, "but no one is as wiggly as Faye."

And then, can you imagine it? 72 little 6 year old children teaching us all about bees with song, monologue, and dance. I heard one of the teachers comment that those little kids knew more about bees than she had ever dreamed it possible for a person to know.

And they are knowledgeable. You can ask Faye anything about bees, and she knows the answer. It is rather astounding, really.

After Community Circle we went to her classroom and she showed us her portfolio. Then the art room to see her lovely painting. And then she got to come home with me. Early. Earlier than early out day. She was so excited!

Because it was such a lovely day, we decided to go on an adventure. The temperature was just right, and it was overcast outside. How could we not?! We drove down to what the kids call the bird park, but is really a quite lovely aviary. And it was delightful! Faye was ecstatic!

This day was her day completely. The best bit of the whole thing was when my allergies didn't bother me at all, the whole time. I sat next to some lovely yellow roses and some snap dragons while I fed Vince, watching the bees fly in and out of the blossoms, and not one sneeze tickled my nose, or one itch bothered my eyes.

It was glorious! Especially knowing in the past I would have been a complete basket case with the itching and watery eyes, the sneezing, and the killjoy of wanting to leave immediately because of the misery I was experiencing. On Friday, however, we stayed until the park closed.

The kids wanted to go out to eat, but I had food in the crockpot, so we decided to just go home, to the kids despair. However, Vince sobbed the whole way home, and finally, when we were nearing home, we just couldn't take it anymore and pulled into an Arctic Circle so the kids could play, and so Vince could be happy. He was NOT having any more of that car seat, so help him!

Because we had been out on Friday, we had decided to not go anywhere on Saturday. Except in the middle of the night I got an email telling me that my book was at the library! And so, Saturday morning dawned and I made plans to go to the library. My day did not go how I had planned, however. Keith was sick. He spent the complete day in my bed, and fluctuated between sleep and moaning. Faye begged and begged to come with me to the library, so once I got Vince fed and his diaper changed, Faye and I left.

While we were checking out our mountain of books (because of course, I couldn't just get the ones that were on hold for me. Who does that?), we saw a sign that reminded me the book sale was going on at that moment! The library was selling their books! Of course, we couldn't resist going down and snagging a few more. I have to say, I made out like a bandit!

I love the author John Christopher. I discovered him when I was a kid, and became fascinated with his science fiction.

He wrote the Tripod books, among others. I knew that they were scarce, as I had tried to check them out of the library in the past, and there was only one copy of the complete series! But, when I walked through those doors, the first book I saw was Mandy by Julie Andrews (yes, THAT Julie Andrews. She is a fantastic children's author), but since we already own that book, I scanned the next shelf down, and about lost it. There, on that same shelf, were 6 books by John Christoper, among them, A Dusk of Demons, my favorite book of his!

Faye and I found a few more must haves and then moved over to the music section. I found the complete works of Rachmaninoff, who happens to be my favorite composer, and then, I found Vivaldi's Four Seasons. And I became as giddy as a school girl. Just last week I was asking Jeffrey how it was possible for us to not own the Four Seasons? I had decided I would buy it, and here it was, for only $0.50! I felt like I had just won the lottery. Faye and I sat down to count our books and figure out how much it was going to cost us, since I had a good chunk of the Children's section in my arms. As we sorted through our books, that precious child of mine completely blew me away.

She had picked out 5 books. One for Keith, two for her, and two for Beth. And she was planning on buying it all with her own money. That girl has a heart of gold, she does! Just last week she had gone on a date with Jeffrey, and they ended up at Barnes and Noble (I am seeing a pattern here, and think we may have a slight addiction to books). While there, she found a book that Keith would like, and was perfectly happy to get him a book, and not one for herself. Jeffrey did find one on dinosaurs that she instantly fell in love with, but in all honesty, she would have been happy without a book at all.

That little girl of mine just makes me proud and happy over and over! I am so happy that she and I were able to spend so much time together this weekend.

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Susan Anderson said...

She sounds like a pretty great sister!