Monday, May 2, 2016

Because of Prince Vince

Yesterday we blessed Vince. He looked so dapper in his blessing outfit. It was actually Keith's from 8 years ago, and was much too large for him, but still, he was a very handsome little man. Adonis, is what the pediatrician in the hospital called him when he was born. I have to say, I quite agree. We didn't, however, get a photo of Vinny in his blessing outfit (which was ridiculously too big for him anyway, as it had Been Keith's when he was 4 months old, and Vince is just smaller than Keith was anyway) because we were in too much of a rush to get the food on and people taken care of after the blessing. And 9 o'clock church. Enough said.

Leading up to Sunday, I had plans. Big plans. I had sectioned off each room of my house, and had a schedule for when and how I would clean it. Except Monday was spent at the Doctor's office. No worries, I could still get it all done.

Tuesday I was in bed all day, sick. Strep again, for the second time that month.

Wednesday I cleaned like a mad woman. I did all the laundry in the house and was so proud of myself!

Thursday I was feeling ill again, but still tried to clean. Except Beth had wet the bed, so I had to pull off the mattress, find a cleaning solution (thank you Pintrest!) and then I had to go in search of sheets. With three kids in twin beds now, I no longer had enough sheets. And then that night I had book club, and it was essential that I went, as I was beginning to no longer feel like a person, and I was even starting to want to hide when I heard "Mo-om" called. And book club was absolutely wonderful and helped restore me to my "I am a person, too!" status.

Friday was spent attempting to clean, but really not making much headway because I was so overwhelmed.

Same thing for Saturday, Except I can finally say that I got the majority of my house clean, and it looks amazing! Or at least it did for a total of a few hours. And I stayed up way too late cleaning, but it was worth it. Because like I said, Sunday was Vince's blessing, and it was wonderful! We are so blessed to have so many family and friends nearby who love and support us. By the end of the day, however, I was quite missing my little man. Everyone was so wonderful in helping me love on my my little Vincemister that I barely had a chance to hold him, except when he wanted to eat. Thank heavens for those times, otherwise I wouldn't have held him at all.

And then there was today.

Bliss day, I should say.

It was a wonderful day, and I would repeat it a thousand times, if I could. Because Saturday night I only got 1.5 hours of sleep due to my OCD for cleaning, I was so grateful to Beth and Vince for letting me sleep until 10:30 this morning. It was so needed and refreshing. When Faye got home we made some lunch, and then Beth and Vince went down for their naps. Faye and I went outside for Mommy/Faye time.

We jumped on the trampoline for a while, with each jump we were flying with the birds, our hearts far above our feet, and then we laid down, Faye's head resting comfortably on my shoulder, and found cloud shapes in those perfect cotton candy clouds. The sky was a deep pool just asking to be jumped into, and we did our best with each and every jump we made. After a little while we decided we needed popsicles. What a pity we didn't have any. So Faye and I decided instead to make a strawberry yogurt bundt cake. I taught her how to chop the strawberries and prayed she wouldn't cut her fingers. We measured everything out, got it into Jeffrey's grandmother's bundt pan, and popped it into the oven. While we chopped and took care of everything else, we watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, because you know, science rules! And then it was time for FHE (family night) where we enjoyed pizza in the family room (a rare treat for the kiddos as I am very strict about the no food out of the kitchen rule), while watching E.T. I have never seen it before, so it was just as entertaining for me as it was for the kidlets.

When the show was over, we laughed and talked about our favorite bits while eating the delectable bundt cake. And then bed and blogging.

And my goodness, it was a truly magnificent day!

How blessed I am to have these ridiculously good children, and to be able to stay home with and enjoy them.

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Lisa said...

What a perfect day! And I'm glad you survived the weekend. :)