Vince meeting one of his grandfathers. It was a very tender moment.
It snowed today, and it was beautiful. Oh my goodness, it was simply lovliness. I cherish that I got to snuggle with my girls and Vince, watching those gorgeous flakes flitting down, not quite covering the ground, but enough that the birds all ran for cover in our bushes. The girls especially loved watching those birds scamper and flutter from branch to branch, ducking the flakes and trying to get warm. It made me wish I still had some bird food tucked away in the closet. Note to self, I am going to have to invest in more bird food, as it is always a treat and joy to see our feathered friends flying around. Faye loves and talks to the mourning doves, and my personal favorite is the blue bird whose wings seem to glitter in the right light.

Vince's umbilical cord fell off today. I was so happy to see it finally gone. I love when I get to finally see their belly button. Right now his is half innie, half outie. But I don't think I can actually tell yet, as it is still a bit red and tender, and possibly swollen. But, now I get to give him real baths, and that is the thing I am most excited for. This little guy is such a joy, I cannot even explain! He is so calm and sweet tempered, and wonderfully cuddly!
Now, bedtime has become quite the ordeal lately. Sunday, Faye broke down into tears, sobbing and begging to have "just one night to sleep on my own!" Keith is still sleeping with the girls right now. Last night, none of the kids got to bed before 10 o'clock, and I was nearly ready to banish them for life! They both got sent to stand with their noses in the corners until they could calm down. They were fits and giggles and like explosive firecrackers. They standing in the corner seemed to help a bit, but my goodness, they were difficult! Tonight, I noticed that Faye's fitted sheet was lying on the floor. I asked the kids to put it back on her bed. Ten minutes later, I found the mattress propped up Beth's bed, the other end on the floor, and they were sliding down it, and laughing all the way. When I asked them to put the mattress back on the bed, the top bunk, a circus came to her bedroom and preformed. Or maybe it was more like a Vaudeville variety show. Beth was constantly crying. The mattress fell on her, she tripped, the big kids weren't letting her help, they looked at her wrong, etc. Keith got beneath the mattress and tried to lift it up from under while Faye tried to guide him from above, pulling and tugging on the side where she was, which was typically the opposite direction that Keith was going, usually making him topple in a fit of giggles. I began looking around for the roller skating brown bears. Eventually Jeffrey came to the rescue, and like Colossus he hefted the mattress with Keith and Faye clinging on beneath it, and he carried it over to the bed. The kids dropped off, and he hoisted it easily into place with the kids laughing like the Stooges around his legs.
Vinny, on the other hand, is such a dear when it comes to sleeping. He still only wakes up once a night, and I am over the moon about it. I have never had such a good baby when it comes to sleep. I just love his guts, and am so blessed to have him. He provides a wonderful peace in our home. Everybody needs a Vince in their lives.


Lisa said…
Love this post! And you look amazing!!
Susan Anderson said…
Cute picture! And I am so happy for you. Little Vince is a keeper.


PS. Hope the big kids get squared away with their sleeping soon!

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