Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Traditions in the Making

Beth is a rock star. 

Seriously, she is phenomenal and I simply adore her guts.

Of her own accord, my little girl has gone potty in the big girl potty every time she needed to relieve herself today. Aside from when she was sleeping, that is.

And so, because of her amazingness, we took her to the store and got some training pants for her.

Because the ones we had for Faye disappeared in one of our moves, and though I have searched high and low for that bag of clothes, they are nowhere to be seen.

Beth was quite possibly the most adorable little girl on the planet when we were walking into that store to get her new undies. She had her raggedy doll tucked beneath one arm. The doll has orange marker scribbled all over its face and arms and legs. Its hair has been pulled out in clumps, and the poor thing was naked, but Beth just didn't care because she loves every type of little doll thing on the planet, regardless of the sabotage and "love" Faye gave to it. Beth skipped into the store, squeezing my hand with her free hand, and her shadow just made me laugh because she is ridiculously lovable.

While Jeffrey was helping Keith pick out some shoes, we meandered over to the baby section and stocked up on training pants, both the plastic ones and the cloth ones. While wandering the store, she found a yellow Pikachu beanie and insisted on wearing it throughout the rest of the store. I have become very skilled in explaining to the cashier why there are so many things on the belt that we aren't actually going to buy.

We got home, took off her dry diaper, she climbed onto the potty and did her business again. Yay!

We put on her new undies, and she went outside to play with Keith and Faye...

... and promptly wet in her new undies.

I am optimistic that she will quickly figure it out and we can say goodbye to the diapers for good!

Fingers crossed!

After dinner tonight something very near a miracle happened. I wouldn't exactly call it a miracle, but I can blame pregnancy brain for not being able to find the right word. At any rate, they make me so happy, and seriously, I just love those kids! Dinner was lovely, afterwards they played for a bit, came into my room and we read. Beth asked Keith to tuck her in, which made his day. And then, the kids came into the kitchen and helped me clean up dinner. For the second time ever, I think! We had made some tea and while we were waiting for it to cool down, Keith cleared the table, Faye washed the dishes, and I cleared off the counters and helped the two of them with their assigned chores. We then turned off all the lights, lit some candles, sipped our tea, and read together.

The kids were cuddled up on the couch and we just had a lovely hygge evening. Candles, tea, stories, and cuddling. Absolutely perfect! 

I am really hoping to make this a tradition. Keith kept begging for a fire to be lit in the fireplace, and I had to convince him that a house that is 75* does not need a fire. When it gets cold, we can do that. Right now, not so much. The best part, is the kids are really loving learning about their heritage, and I love learning about it right along with them!

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