Thursday, October 22, 2015

Heaven from an 8 year old's perspective

Thursday night the kids went to bed so late.
Friday morning, Keith came upstairs for a drink and to use the bathroom at 4:00 am.

And decided to stay up.

At 4:00 am!

He was just so excited, you see.

Friday was Keith's birthday. 

He came into our room, and crawled into bed with us, and I could feel him practically shaking with excitement. And this is Keith, my mild mannered, even tempered child, so that is saying a lot!

We cuddled and talked about what we were going to do for the day, except no plans were made.

And then I talked to him about the day he was born. I went into gory detail, just because it made him squirm and me laugh. And Beth woke up.

At 4:30!

And she joined us as well. 

By this point, there was no purpose for Jeffrey to go back to sleep. He would be getting up in half an hour for work, so we sandwiched the kids and whispered to them, and laughed with them, and just loved them to pieces.

Jeffrey went to work. 

Keith decided to try to go back to bed (thank you, sky, for being so dark still!).

I tried to coax Beth back to sleep.

It was 7:00.

No one went back to sleep, and Faye got up.

Which meant that there wasn't a chance of me getting any more sleep.

We got up, had breakfast, got ready for the day, and made plans to meet Adrienne on a beautiful river walkway. Except we had to push the time back twice, because Keith had begged for a CD for his birthday, and we were compiling his CD so we could burn it and listen to it on our way to the walkway. 

Of course, the kids loved it. Keith will do his chores, or be nice to his sisters, or jump through blazing hoops for the chance to play with Avery, and it is the sweetest thing ever! They are so fun together, and I think they are a good influence on each other. Keith helps to mellow out Avery a bit, and Avery helps to liven Keith up a bit. He gets Keith running around and playing outside. If Keith had his way, he would spend all day inside reading, or playing legos, or doing something which requires very little energy expenditure, so I love seeing him run around like a mad man with Avery. Also, it means I get to hang out with Adrienne, so that is good, too.

When we got home from that beautiful but much longer than anticipated walk, Jeffrey got home from work very shortly after that, and we took the kids out to an all you can eat pizza buffet.

Keith was in heaven.

As we left, he informed us he had eaten 9 pieces of pizza.

The boy is a pit with no bottom.

We got home and let him open his presents, and Jeffrey commented on how grown up they are.

We gave him a CD player, an alarm clock, and a water bottle. 

And he was such a happy camper!

He played his new CD all afternoon while he and the girls danced and had fun. It was hilarious to watch!

And then all the kids went to bed around 7. Because they had all gotten up so early. 

That was my favorite part. The early bedtime.

Despite the lack of sleep, it was a very good day, and Keith was happy, which is all that matters on birthdays, anyway.

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*Jess* said...

what a great day and lovely memories for your kids :)