Anatomy of My Family

I wasn't going to find out. I didn't want to. I was all for having a great big surprise!

Jeffrey said no. He wanted to be prepared.

I reasoned with him that we have everything we need for either team, but he spouted some nonsense about wanting to be prepared with the clothes all washed and things ready for when the baby comes, and although it would be great fun not finding out, I would rather not be contentious over something so important. Who wants to fight about a baby before the baby is even born?!

And so, since I had to find out, we decided it would be crazy fun if we just didn't tell anyone else the gender of the baby until the baby is born.

Because surprises are so much fun, you know?

Today was a regular day, besides that fun. Keith got home from school around the same time I got in from the store and Jeffrey's father showed up. He sometimes comes around to read to Beth, which is why she calls him Grandpa Stories. We all think it is adorable.

As he was reading, the older kids were picking up the living room, because quite frankly, it looked like a war zone! They had made an absolute mess and I just don't don't do well with messes like that. Especially when people are over!

They whipped that room into shape in no time flat, and then we decided to pull out a cake that I had made earlier today.

See, after I left the doctor's office I stopped by the grocery store and grabbed a cake mix on my way home. Because Jeffrey and I had talked about surprising the kids. I would bake it and frost it before they got home, and we were going to cut into it for family night treat. Except Grandpa Stories was there, and Grandma Buddy (again Jeffrey's mom. She got her nickname because of her dog named Buddy) was on her way over after work, so we decided to just do the cake then.

And I am not as mean as you all think I am, but I wonder who actually read this far?

We took a poll as to who thought it would be what. Faye skipped around the room singing "It's a boy, it's a boy!" Beth just looked at Keith a lot. I don't think she has any idea what is going on. Keith sighed and crumpled into a chair with a disgruntled sigh saying, "it's a sister. Again." Jeffrey and I soaked up the anticipation and grinned at each other.

And then I cut the cake.

But you still couldn't see the color of it, so I sent the kids to get plates.

Keith got the first piece.

He did't understand.

"So, what does blue mean, anyway?" he asked. There was no hope in his voice, just dread.

"Blue?! It is a boy!" Faye squealed.

And Keith's face lit up. He nearly dropped his plate, and he hooted with delight.

You see, every pregnancy I have had since him, he has been praying for a brother. He desperately wants a brother to play with. After he found out his dream is coming true, he asked if the baby can be born on Halloween. I laughed and told him it doesn't quite work like that, if the baby is born that early chances of him surviving are very slim, and we just need to be patient and wait until March. And then the kids started asking how we would know when it was time to go to the hospital for the baby to be born. Was there a timer, like with a cake? We explained about waiting until it was close to the due date, and then my body and the baby would just let me know. They were in awe, but then lost interest because, hello?! There was un-eaten cake in front of them!

And so, our family is going to be even, with "book-end boys," or a "girl sandwich."

I do want to note here the absolute and utter lack of surprise I had when my midwife told me it was a boy.  We talked a bit about how I was doing and how my pregnancy was going, and I told her that the baby is a boy. There has never been a doubt in my mind that it is a boy. Whenever we have talked about names, they have always been boy names. I just knew. This pregnancy is very similar to Keith's and so completely different from the girls. But more than that, I just knew. I love that sometimes the Lord gives us knowledge ahead of time, just because. 

Now comes the hard part, and it is a good thing we have 23 weeks left because finding a name is the hardest part! Beth almost left the hospital without a name, and we didn't have Keith's or Faye's until two weeks before they were each born. 


Chantel said…
Congrats!!! I knew my Mathias was a boy. Even when he was only still a thought of a baby. I only convinced Brian to have another one because I knew so certainly he was a boy. I wanted to be surprised as well but Brian also vetoed it.
*Jess* said…
Congratulations!! When I was pregnant with my son, I knew immediately it was a boy, too!
Yay!!! So glad you decided to share that you are expecting with us this time πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰!! Congratulations, I am THRILLED for you guys and Keith that it is a boy! πŸ‘ΆπŸ». I know with my son it was the same way, he deseperatly wanted me to have a boy each pregnancy and was devastated to find out each time it was a girl! So I am so happy for you! If my husband and I ever have another we would want another boy, of course I wouldn't care whatever Heavenly Father thinks we can handle but you know! Also I think it's awesome they call him Grandpa stories. So cute. And no way are you ever mean! Xoxo

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