Monday, September 21, 2015

The Way the Moon Hangs as if on a String

When I wake up, one of the first things I do in the morning is make my bed. Usually. Some mornings I wake up and have about 5 minutes to wake up Keith and Faye because somehow we all overslept and we have to leave for school in only 5 minutes, and that doesn't give us enough time to pack a lunch, eat breakfast, find uniforms, backpacks, or shoes, and let's not even mention the hair, before we have to be out the door, picking up the rest of the morning carpool. Those are typically chaotic days, and sometimes my bed doesn't get made until I right before I climb into it at night. Because sheets have to be straightened, and the blanket has to be evenly placed on the bed or there is no chance that I am going to go to sleep that night. And so, I make my bed, usually the first thing in the morning.

This morning, when I woke up, I decided it was time to wash my sheets. It has been about two weeks, and that is long enough, if you ask me. And so, I stripped down my bed, and then made my bed without sheets, the blankets and pillows all spread nicely over the mattress, looking lovely and fresh as if I had just made my bed.  It was so convincing that even I forgot that it didn't have any sheets on it until it was time for family prayers and bed. We said our prayers, and then Keith and I made to climb into my bed to cuddle and read, when I remembered that underneath the blankets was a naked mattress. I sighed the deep tired kind of sigh that can only be sighed by either a new mother, or a woman in her first trimester, and yanked all the blankets and pillows off of my bed while Keith commenced reading to me. Since I have not done laundry in a few weeks due to just plain being too tired and pretending the lower half of my house doesn't exist, all of my regular sheets are dirty. Which means I got to bring out my winter sheets! A gorgeous blue color, and they are flannel! Yet another reason to be so excited for autumn! Never mind the fact that it is 79* in my house right now, with all the windows open. Never mind the fact that I don't want anyone or anything touching me right now because it is so hot. Just revel with me in the gorgeous robin egg blue flannel sheets that my bed now dons, and enjoy the fact that in a week or so, I will be absolutely loving these sheets and the coziness they provide. And then Keith and I climbed beneath the covers of my newly made bed with flannel blue sheets, and commenced reading Harry Potter. Except we both had to be under the covers, and we couldn't touch, because it was too hot, so Keith and I lay there uncomfortably, reading all about Harry's first ever birthday gifts, and I couldn't wait until the end of the chapter so I could sprawl and not worry about anyone's body heat encroaching on my space.  When it was over, he and Faye were promptly sent to bed, I changed into my pajamas, and climbed into my sauna bed, promising myself that tonight it will be worth it.

Well, remember how I said I hadn't done laundry in ages? It feels like three weeks or so, I think. Because of that, the kids didn't have any clean clothes for school today. So, when I got up at 6 this morning, I rushed down to the laundry room, sifted through all the clothes for uniform clothes, and threw, literally threw everything I could find over to the washer. I love my washing machine! It has a quick load button which will do a full load of laundry in 27 minutes. I always add extra soap to this load, just to make sure things actually get clean. I probably shouldn't, but I am always nervous, so I do it anyway. And some oxyclean. And that is what I did this morning. So that by the time I got everything into the washer, it was 6:30. Which meant that I could switch to the drier at 7:00, and the clothes would be dry 10 minutes before we had to leave, which was perfect for the kids to have enough time to change right before we walked out the door.

That was my plan.

I went upstairs, and Keith was already awake, so I combed his hair for him. He then informed me that he still had some clean uniform clothes, and I asked him to go change, because only having to herd one child whilst in a time crunch would be a blessing! And then Faye woke up, and I fixed her hair. And I used gel in it, for the first time ever. It worked! She got two french braid pigtails, and the gel held the hair in place all day, not letting it stray like it usually does after 10 minutes of Faye wear, because she is a monkey! And we breakfasted, and we got the kids to school on time, with completely dry clothes, even though Keith said he switched out the laundry and didn't really. Good thing I needed something from the fruit room, or I would never have known, and Faye would have gone to school in wet clothes. But they were dry on time, and we got to school with plenty of time to spare, and then Beth and I got to hang out at home.

And then Faye got home from school, and I had a serious craving for a Subway sandwich (veggie delight with chipotle sauce on it. So yum!). And then we came home, and Beth took a nap, and I really wanted to join her, except I hadn't gotten my dishes done that morning, so I wanted to do that instead, and wound up just wasting that time, doing nothing at all, actually. Faye put on a  brilliant puppet show with the socks from her feet behind a table I was trying to put away.

I laughed so much. She pretended one of them caught fire, and the other chased the one on fire all around behind the little table, both armed sock puppets waving frantically, making me laugh so much Beth probably would have awakened. Also, we read. She is reading really well, and I love that her book of choice today was Dick and Jane and Vampires.

And then Jeffrey came home, and my dear friend Lisa came over, bearing gifts of clothes for Beth because her baby of the same age is monstrously tall, and has outgrown all of the size 2-3 clothes. And then I made dinner. It was a delicious tortellini sausage soup full of garlic. And that is how my day passed.

Beth and I played and read and watched Psych together while waiting for the rest of our family to join us for prayer so Beth could go to bed. Jeffrey said the prayer, and accidentally made me laugh during it. In his prayer, he expressed thanks that we were able to stay home all day, and not have to go anywhere. Which, if you know him, is the definition of him. He would happy as can be as a hermit. I tried to hold the laughter in until the end of the prayer, my body shaking, because I couldn't believe he had just prayed that! After, when the kids had dispersed, I asked him about that, and he said he didn't even think about it, it just naturally came out, because he is grateful for it. Typical.

I took my vitamins and passed out the vitamin C. Faye is getting a sore throat, so I wanted to be sure she had some. Also, that means she needed some hot cocoa with whipped cream on top.

Keith forgot his backpack in Jack, and had to run outside and get it. Faye, of course, followed him. Beth came running back to me, her little face scrunched up with tears pouring out of her eyes. "Keithy and Faye go outside." She said, although I wasn't sure that was it, through her tears. I verified, and she shouted out "YES!" and again, Jeffrey (who had been standing behind me during this whole ordeal) and I burst out laughing, The way she said it, with so much pain and betrayal in her voice! How dare they go outside and leave her in the house? How dare they?! I hugged her, told her they would be right back, and then we went to her room where I tucked Beth in, and put my flannel sheets on my bed while Keith read to me.

All while smiling out my window, because the moonshine was coming in my room, and I love how much moon light I see here. More than anywhere else I have ever lived. Or at least I can see it so much better here. And I love it! I love being able to see the moon, hanging there in the sky, so perfectly shaped, and spaced from the horizon, that it nearly looks fake, like it is hanging by a thread in a child's diorama. And it hangs there, by its string, occasionally swaying in the breeze of someone walking by, gazing into our house, lighting up each room with the calming light that Mr. Man in the Moon emits. And I really can't help but love this moment. Keith's voice softly going in the background of my thoughts, with him trying so hard to do voices and accents, and it really is adorable to hear my seven year old attempt a Scottish accent. I can scarcely do one, but to hear him try is pure magic! Once my bed was made, Faye eventually found her way in here, and she sat looking at an illustrated dictionary while Keith and I read from Harry Potter. And the door was open, and I realized that someone needed to shut it immediately. Of course, I had to say it in Professor McGonagall's voice.

Because while I was reading with my bedroom door open, I remembered something. I love garlic. Absolutely love it. Especially when I am pregnant. Except when I am pregnant, I can't bear the smell of it after the food has been eaten. I can't have my house smelling like garlic because it makes me sick, pure and simple. And so every garlic pot, or every utensil that touched the garlic must instantly be cleaned, or else I will avoid the kitchen area until it gets cleaned. And there was still food in the pot when I began the bedtime routines with the children, and I wanted nothing more than to be away from the smell for the rest of forever. Which meant Jeffrey had to do clean up, and my door must remain closed at all times until the garlic smell leaves my house.

I am lucky Jeffrey is so understanding of my garlic smell problems.

On the plus side, it had given me much better cleaning habits... when I am not pregnant, that is.

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