Monday, September 28, 2015

Popcorn and Blue-green Happiness

Yesterday was the primary program. The kids did so well, and it was neat being able to sit up on the stand and see the reactions of all the parents, grandparents, and congregation. Although, I really only got to watch during the songs. Otherwise, I was busy making sure the kids were all where they were supposed to be. When it ended, I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and walked into the primary room with my head spinning and just a mess. I couldn't remember what we were supposed to do first. I asked my counselors, and funny enough, they couldn't remember either. We were just so burned out, and so happy that everything went wonderful.

I had completely forgotten that I needed to plan a sharing time lesson for Sunday, because I was so focused on the program. I remembered Thursday night, and stressed about it until Saturday night. Adrienne is brilliant and helped me figure everything out. We talked about from where we learn about Christ. How it is so important to study the scriptures, because that is where we get our knowledge. I pulled out some popcorn seeds and talked about how when we are born we don't know anything and it is so important to learn and grow and seek out things, because that is the only way we will learn. I put the popcorn in my stir crazy popcorn popper, and then I showed a clip of President Packer teaching about the importance of learning from the Bible. Shortly after the clip ended, the popcorn began to pop. We talked about how we are so bland and hard without the Savior, but if we turn ourselves over to Him, He can make us into more than anything we could ever become without Him. I then shared the popcorn with the kids. They loved it. After I had passed it out to everyone, I just wanted to make sure they had gotten the idea, and I asked them why they had gotten popcorn. 

"Because we watched a movie." three or for of them answered. 


I reiterated the point of my lesson being that without the Savior we are basically nothing. I really hope they got that and didn't think that they just got popcorn and movie!

Today I had a realization. I have been ridiculously tired thus far this whole pregnancy. To the point that I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me. More than tired, dead on my feet. My limbs have been feeling like jelly, and I just feel like I can't even move. It has been a nightmare! But Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had energy. I was so excited! I thought I had finally turned a corner and was officially in the second trimester for real, but today I was completely dead on my feet again. And that is when I figured it out.

Through all of my other pregnancies I had been advised to take unisome to help with the nausea. Every other pregnancy it was highly advised. And so that is what I had been doing. But then last week, the nausea began to subside, and so I quit taking the unisome, and magically I got energy! Last night, just before I went to bed I was about to take my iron and prenatal when I was hit with a mean wave of morning sickness. It was brutal. I knew there was barely a chance of me being able to get my pills down, let alone keep them down! And so I took some unisome, waited an hour, and it worked. I was able to take my pills with no difficulty. Except I have felt drugged all day today. And that is when I figured it out. The unisome for some reason is really effecting me differently this time around. I think I would rather deal with the nausea than being bed ridden because I just can't move my limbs. 

So there is that. I will shortly be able to move around again, like normal, and do all the normal mom things again. Which is good, because I have two field trips to go to this week, and I just can't go if I am still bed bound.

Knowledge is power, as they say, and thanks to figuring this out, I will again have energy, which is the same as power in my book. 

I am so lucky that the kids are all so good at entertaining themselves while I am holed up in bed. Beth and Faye built forts out of my pillows, and laughed and played. We did homework on the bed, and Beth colored all over my bedspread while I was helping Faye and not paying attention to hear. I now have beautiful blue-green happiness enhancing my otherwise boring grey and yellow bed motif. Part of me thinks I should be upset about it, but the other part is either too tired, or knows that in fifteen or twenty years I will miss things like this. 

Because childhood and babies are fleeting.

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