Pink is lovely, except when it is in the eyes.

Monday night I didn't get much sleep. 

When Faye got home from school, I could tell her throat hurt her. She kept clearing it, and it sounded like she had a frog in there. I may have mentioned this. I tried to remedy it with hot cocoa, because although there are no healing properties to hot cocoa, it sure feels good going down!

When Faye went to bed, though, she coughed so much that I couldn't sleep. So I got the humidifier out for her.

Tuesday was no better. I have been pumping her full of liquid and vitamin C.

Yesterday, however, I noticed Beth's eyes were goopy.

When she woke up this morning, they were sealed closed with the goop. Which meant a quick visit to the doctor office. I called the moment they opened this morning because our doctor is amazing and everyone wants to see him, which means he is really hard to get in to see, and the only way I would stand a chance would be to call first thing in the morning.

The only appointment they had was 10:20. In our doctor office speak, that actually means 10:45-11:00. Faye gets out of school at 11:00. I decided it would be easiest if I just checked her out of school and brought her with me. When I got to the school, the office lady went to her class and got her, and when she got to me, she was steaming mad! Faye was furious with me for checking her out of school. Why couldn't Beth go to the doctor after school?! She flounced out to the van, threw the door open, climbed in and slammed the door. By the time Beth and I got back out there, she was in tears. She didn't want to miss school, it was her first time ever having a substitute! And she didn't get to finish cutting out her clock, and why did I have to come right then anyway? Keith is right, I always come at the worst times in the world.!!!

Her anger made me so happy. I am glad that she didn't want to leave school. Keith tries to invent reasons to not go, and Faye gets mad if she can't. What funny kids they are!

We got to the doctor office 5 minutes early, and didn't get to see the doctor until 10:50. But I know that is because he is so amazing. He doesn't rush his patients, and wants to make sure all concerns are met before he leaves. He is absolutely amazing like that. We got our diagnosis, and I was right. Conjunctivitis, of course. Beth seems to get it a lot more than the other kids. Her red spot eye is always a little worse when she does have it, so it is something we are watching. I called the pediatric ophthalmologist today, and the soonest they can get her in is January. And that is only if I am willing to drive down to Orem. I told them I am. I missed her last appointment because it was around the time I was going through a miscarriage. That wasn't a fun month. Anyway, I love my doctor is the gist of it. I got the eye drops for Beth, and some specialized diaper rash cream because the girl has had a diaper rash for about three months now. I keep thinking potty training will cure it, and she keeps being on the cusp of potty training, just never committing. 

When we got home, we quickly had lunch and it was nap time. I told Faye it was nap time, and to go in her room and she could read or play, or clean, but she couldn't make a noise, and she couldn't come out. And then I tucked myself into bed...

... and tossed and turned from my amplified restless legs that pregnancy always gives me. Just as I was falling asleep, Faye decided to jiggle her doorknob a million times, and then go to the bathroom, which of course pulled me out of the beginnings of sleep. Once she went back to her room, I fought the RLS again, and then just as I was about to fall asleep, Jeffrey got home from work. He offered to take Faye with him to pick up Keith, and I told them to go, immediately! For the third and final time, I was falling asleep. I was nearly there, when a train came and blew its whistle, thus startling me out of my nearly sleeping state. Startling me by making me jump, making the adrenaline pump through my body, ruining all chances for sleep.

And so I woke up, and I did what any sane person would do. I angrily searched Union Pacific Railroad quiet zones on the internet. I learned about what is needed to zone them and enforce them. I found out when my city council meets, and I am going to go before city council, demanding that all trains which go through neighborhoods not be allowed to blow their whistles. They do it in the middle of the night every night. 2:33 to be exact. I don't understand why they would do that, seeing as how the tracks are completely blocked off with barriers, and no one could possibly be on the tracks anyway, and everybody and their dog were sleeping until that whistle blows. Then the dogs wake up, and I am sure most of the neighborhood. Except Jeffrey never hears any of this and thinks I am just dreaming it, but it would be weird to have such a specific recurring dream every single night, right? And also, I worry about when the baby comes. With the whistle blowing and waking up a baby, I'm not sure I would ever be able to forgive UPR. Especially since my backyard sort of borders the tracks. Sort of. 

Enough of my rant. I quickly moved on from that to working on Primary, and I am happily preparing for the Primary Program which will be this Sunday! I am nervous and excited, and I have to keep reminding myself that even if it doesn't go as well as I anticipate it, nothing can ruin a primary program. Any mishaps only add to the charm, and everyone always loves it, no matter what. Because it is a program made up entirely of children. And crazy cute ones, might I add. I have had a few nightmares, but no biggie,because they were just my subconscious way of eliminating all possibilities and scenarios. We will be awesome.


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