In a Word, Glorious!

"Mama. Mama, help!" I heard from Beth's room yesterday morning. 

I had converted her crib into a toddler bed last week, in order to prepare her to completely give it up in six months or so. I don't want any jealousy between her and the baby over the bed that the baby will be sleeping in. This was the same reason I moved Keith to a bed when he was 20 months. Because when he was 25 months, he would be losing his crib to a new baby. It seemed to work well. But I digress. Beth has been sleeping wonderfully in her bed. She hasn't fallen out of it once, even though there is no side rail to keep her in. Not that it would matter, she is so near the floor, but I am very glad that she hasn't been tumbling out. She still can't open her bedroom door. Which is funny, because she can open every other door in the house, and her bedroom door is just the same as all the others, but I can't say I'm sad about it. And so, yesterday morning she called for help, and I opened her door to let her out, because that has become the customary morning greeting with Beth lately.

Except her bed was empty! 

Her blankets were on the floor, but they, too, were empty.

I looked all around her room, and I couldn't find her, but I could hear her muffled voice calling "Mama, help!"

I looked in the closet, and it was empty. She was still calling for me, and so I looked in the last available place in her room, I looked in the very narrow space beneath her bed. She was wedged beneath her bed, not even able to raise her head. She had no idea where she was or how she got there, and I laughed so hard, I could scarce pull her out! I imagine she rolled off her bed at some point in the night, and then rolled beneath her bed and continued to sleep. When she woke up, she was confused because she was trapped and because of the dust ruffle around her bed, she couldn't work her way out. 

I still get belly laughs anytime I remember that moment. She is such a funny little girl! 

And my day just got better from there. 

Yesterday was the first time in about three months that I actually had energy. I mean, it wasn't my normal level of energy by any means. But I didn't feel completely exhausted, or like my limbs were made of jelly and I just couldn't lift them. That is what I had been dealing with. Yesterday I got up, and I cleaned my kitchen, and it felt amazing! It was wonderful having my my dishes done, and being able to move around without anything impeding me. I finished cleaning around one, and usually, that is when I crash my hardest. Except I didn't. It was weird. I even got into bed as has become my habit, waiting for that tiredness to knock me across the head and render me unconscious. Like normal. Except it didn't happen. 

Jeffrey got home from work, and laid down next to me. We talked briefly about his day and mine before the kids were all crowded in on top of us. I call our bed a clown bed, because it is so tiny, and shouldn't be able to fit the five of us on it at once. Good grief, it should only fit one adult, not two! But it makes a wonderfully cozy place for cuddling and laughing and growing our family love. 

Jeffrey pulled out his laptop and we all watched the gentlemen from Top Gear try to convert their cars into trains, and then Rowan Atkinson made us all laugh with his pronunciation of the word Bob, like only Rowan can do. 

And then it was time for a dance party in the living room. We introduced the kids to Johnny Cash's Ghost Ridders in the Sky, I showed the kids how to polka to Cotton Eye Joe, and Keith showed us the dance he made up to his favorite song- Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie by Abba. Which I just find absolutely hilarious, but he has a point, it has a wonderful beat and is very catchy! We danced until we all ended up a laughing heap on the living room floor. Because that is what is supposed to happen when music and kids are involved. They are so funny and haven't yet learned to be self conscious, and the continual chorus of "Watch me, Mom!" from the three of them just warms my heart.

At which point Keith decided he had had enough, and disappeared. We later found him- a mess of long arms and legs, face squished to his pillow, and his mouth open fishy style- in his bed, asleep. Jeffrey and I tag teamed putting the girls to bed, and then his brother called and invited him to go play video games, and I got to work on my Sharing Time lesson. 

It was such a glorious day, and I am so happy for the chance to have lived it! And I am even more excited at the prospect of having energy back, because let's face it. My house hasn't really been cleaned since July. Bits and pieces of it have, but the whole thing all together hasn't been orchestrated because I have been plum tired, and the idea of cleaning my whole house has been overwhelming and daunting. I am so happy to possibly be able to get back to it again!

Here's to another glorious day! Especially because today will contain inspired words from our leaders in the mode of the General Women's Meeting! I highly encourage all to watch it!


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