Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If You Say Pumpkin Spice Into a Mirror Three Times...

Today on my pregnancy app, it said "You are probably feeling a renewed sense of energy now..." and I am all "What?! You promised me energy! Where is my energy! I feel cheated!" Because here it is, 1:30, and I just got Beth down for her nap, and then collapsed onto my own bed. And then after fidgeting for a few minutes, I had to get up and change into a skirt, because pants are just too confining. It has to do with this darn restless legs that I have. I have always had, but it gets oh so much worse during pregnancy. But no biggie, because I actually really enjoy wearing skirts, so I changed into my huge house-skirt that comes with big ole' hidden pockets and everything. It even twirls out nicely, as Faye and I gleefully discovered one day dancing in the living room. Because every dress and skirt needs a practice twirl, and if it passes, it is added to the "favorite skirt closet of fame" right along with the other practical maxi skirts that don't twirl, but are so comfortable. Much like wearing sweats in skirt form. Lovely!

Earlier today Beth tried to help me wash the dishes. She pushed a stool up to the sink, squishing me and nearly toppling me onto the dishwasher door, but oblivious and happy as could be to be helping Mommy. I turned on the water, and was rinsing off a dish, while I explained that the water was hot. She didn't listen. She promptly reached into the stream of water with a spoon, which splashed the hot water all over her, and she melted into slow tears first, which gradually built momentum until she was shaking with the sobs. I gave her a quick wet hug, quickly finished the dishes, and then we cuddled and read. Because stories are so good at taking hurt away!  While she was still curled into me, her breathing shaky and unsure after all those tears,  I bribed Beth with the promise of going for a walk when Faye got home. That did the trick. Almost instantly her entire demeanor changed, and she was excitedly talking about our walk, which I fully intended to take her on. Except I wasn't counting on this tiredness to set in so early, and the girls had to practically drag me outside to go on the walk. 

I am glad I went, though. We didn't go very far. I just couldn't. But we got outside, we explored a little, and the girls discovered a larvae of some sort. 

No, I didn't take a picture of the larvae. Though I am not going to lie, it did cross my mind. But then I decided it was a little too gross. They both tried to pick it up, and that is when we discovered that it was dead. Disgusting and dead and right on my front porch. I used a twig to pick it up, and it had some sticky stuff on it which made it able to dangle from the twig. It was fascinating and disgusting at the same time. 

We walked to the Tim Burton mysterious steps that led to a gnarled tree and nothing else. 

It really is something that sparks the imagination. Beautiful! 

At the end of the trail is a house which is like a mini farm, complete with a wonderful chicken coop. 

The kids love to stop and talk to and watch the chickens. Which I find incredibly funny, because my parents have four chickens, and they can see chickens every time we go there. But we always have to stop and poultry gaze like it is a brand new thing, because everything is brand new when you are two and five.

The trail we like to walk was lovely, and I decided I really need to walk it in the morning sometime, because I love it, but I was much too tired to enjoy it at all. Maybe tomorrow morning. Or we could go to the Hollow. Somewhere nice with lots of trees, I think. Especially because the trees are going to be changing their color at any time now, and there is nothing more soul awakening than the feel of Autumn in the mountains.

And yes, I know I fall into that stereo type of "If you say pumpkin spice into a mirror three times a white girl will appear and tell you everything she loves about fall." It is true, and I love it, and I am proud of it! I had no idea there was this much fall love by peoples other than me when I was growing up! I own it!

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Crystal Collier said...

Ah! I didn't know you were expecting again. Some friend I am. Guess it's about time I stopped in and caught up. Do you know yet if it's a girl or boy?