That's What All The People Say

I really don't have many words for how awesome life is. We are so busy having fun and playing all the time, I just can't keep up on this here little blog of mine. Instead, I will flood this post with pictures, and possibly a bit of narrative. Mostly pictures, though.
Beth decided to help me with dinner tonight.
It turned into a bit of sensory play.
She had so much fun!
For the past few days, Faye has been making Beth crazy comfortable in a box filled with pillows, and anything Beth could possibly desire, from her binki and juice, to a hat she saw on the floor and decided she just had to have. The box is also full of blankets, stuffed animals, and books. Faye then would push Beth all over the upstairs wood floors, laughing hysterically as Beth squealed with glee. It was so fun to hear them playing. Faye was very upset when I used the box as a tool to carry some of her toys downstairs. Heaven forbid a box be used for something other than play!
I couldn't resist. All the kids were snuggled up on the bed, doting on the cat while watching youtube cat videos. Because cat videos are their favorite things in the world right now. Especially anything that says "ninja" and "cat" in the same sentence.
"Paca Stories" comes over frequently to read to Beth. It made my heart happy to see all of the kids listening to Grandpa read to Beth.
For Faye's preschool graduation I was asked to bring a dozen un-frosted cookies. So I brought ooey-gooey rice krispy treats instead. Yeah, I am a rebel like that. 
Beth has really enjoyed watching the rain these past few days. 
Seeing as how that is one of my all time favorite activities, I am so happy that she is enjoying it, too. I see many rainy afternoons spent together, enjoying the noise and smell and colors of rainstorms with her.
This is the first time ever that Beth has fallen asleep in the high chair. Come to think of it, it may be the first time any of my children have fallen asleep in the high chair.
I was spoiled on Mother's Day. This was my incredible breakfast, and I loved every morsel of it. You can't tell, but those pancakes were overflowing with blueberries. Yum!
Faye has really been enjoying creating a sense of style. I think she told me she was being me in this picture. She has my shoes, and two of my scarfs on. The funniest bit of this photo is how my shoes magically disappeared shortly after this was taken. Suspicious, don't you think?
Faye was enjoying another fashion day. She wanted a headband like Rosie the Riveter.
Just Faye, demanding I take a picture. Of course, I will always oblige when one of my kids wants a picture taken!
This is Keith and his Map Expedition. It was a wonderful presentation, and I am so proud of him! Anyway, see what a stud muffin that boy is turning into?!
I think he was pretending to be an explorer in this picture. That table leg was his gun. I think.
And so, in the great words of Ole' Blue Eyes, "That's Life, That's what all the people say!" It keeps me oh so busy, and ridiculously happy. 


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