Monday, March 2, 2015

Driving In The Rain

I am basking in the radiated happiness and comfort of Beth right now.  She is so cuddly today. It must be the weather. Today has been fantastically productive and now, we are all just lounging around the living room after a simple dinner, waiting for the evening to wax into bedtime.

The girls are kicking back their heels, reading together, and Keith is dutifully writing on his blog.

The plague still hasn't left us.  I went to the doctor today. Faye entertained herself taking pictures on my phone.

It is as I suspected, I have an ear infection. Boo.  But I do have to say, one of my favorite past times has always been driving around in the rain with the heater blasting and mood music playing. I don't even need a destination, just the rhythmic pulse of wheels on the pavement, the syncopated whisk of the wipers and the staccato of the rain hitting the roof combined with the dulcet tones of my mellow mix CD make for quite an enjoyable and relaxing drive. I cruised from the doctor's office past my grandmother's old house and told Faye stories of playing in the clothes chute and the fires Grandma always had for us to roast marshmallows in, even in the summer. I told her about jumping off the deck, and running around the back yard, and all about the many fruit trees at her house. We then casually drove through the streets until we made it to Keith's school to pick him up.  I really enjoyed the drive, and listening to Faye chatter like a chipmunk on crack always adds a level of hilarity to any situation.

We pulled into the driveway about the same time that Jeffrey got home from work, and the kids were so excited to see him, as they always are. The whole squealing and running to the door when dad gets home from work thing really happens here.

I love having laid back and casual days like today. Life has been so crazy as of late, so today was heaven sent.

After dinner while we enjoyed each other's company, Jeffrey's father Grandpa Stories, as Beth calls him came by. He read to the kids for a little while, and then Faye and I went to the store to get my prescription. As we were walking out of the house and into the glorious fat flakes of snow that were falling. It was beautiful!

Oh my goodness, and the smell! I love the way it smells when it snows. It doesn't matter if you are in the city or the country, the smell is the same, albeit much stronger in the country. That brisk freshness just makes me want to dance in it.  And that is precisely what Faye and I did! We put our tongues out and danced around trying to catch some. We twirled, making ourselves dizzy as we gazed up into the gyroscope of black and white that was the sky. I can honestly say, I may never forget the bonding over snow that Faye and I had tonight.

Unfortunately, the pharmacy didn't receive the prescription, which greatly annoys me, but what can you do? I am going to have to call the doctor's office tomorrow and get this figured out. Happily, though, Faye and I still got to play outside, which we probably wouldn't have done had I not needed to go to the pharmacy, so it all works out in the end.

I am anticipating tomorrow being a snowy and baking  day, which sounds simply heavenly.


Crystal Collier said...

And all this frolicking and enjoying while dealing with an ear ache? Way to be, Amy. I'm missing the snow, although 80's and sunshine isn't bad either.

*Jess* said...

I love that first picture :) I hope you feel better!