Dandelion Fluff and Ladies

The older I get, the deeper grows my appreciation for the seasons. I remember as a child I loved the months from May through October, while hating the month of November through April. Spring and Winter were abhorred with all the passion a child can muster.  While those months were full of wonderful and magical holidays, they seemed merely cold and muddy and miserable. Now, though, I can appreciate the subtle nuances of each individual season, and rejoice and embrace them gladly.

I used to say that Winter was terrible because of the cold, and the ice, and I made up a statistic that there are more car accidents in the winter, because I wanted to justify my dislike for the season.  But now, there seems to be very little to dislike. I love the comfort of coming into a warm house on an arctic day. I love the way snow sparkles in the sun, as if sprinkled with fairy jewels. Or the way it crunches loudly beneath my feet. I especially love the magical way it falls from the sky, as if bits of cloud were shedding down on us. I love the amplified luminescent glow of the reflected moon in the snow, or that brilliant light that eerily radiates from the snow when it is perfectly cloudy above. I love the way my glasses steam when I walk into a warm building, or the perfect snowflakes in my hair that wait just a bit before they melt. I love the long cozy nights that I can spend with my family, cuddled wherever we are. I love the smell of the heater. I love the excuse to bake and cook for the comfort of the heat.

I love winter.

But there is just something about Spring. The renewed birth, the life, the dainty beginnings that push the cold drear away. I love the way the sun begins to warm the world, and that I can open all my windows and let the fresh new breeze into my house. There is the excitement of seeing the tender new shoots pushing their way up through the hard cold ground, ready to beautify my surroundings. I love the excitement of making new discoveries, and being able to experience all these things, as if for the first time, through the eyes of the children.

Today the Beth and I walked to pick Faye up from preschool. On the way home, she flat out refused to get into the stroller, and instead wanted to walk and run and be like Faye. And so the girls ran, and laughed, and experienced the world reborn, and I got to experience it with them.

As I taught Beth the wish making process of dandelion fluff, Faye was ahead of us a ways. I heard a squeal of delight. I looked down the sidewalk to see Faye crouched over something.

Her hair was hiding her face but the rigidity of her body showed her excitement just as clearly as her expression would have. I grabbed Beth's hand and together we ran to see what it was that had Faye in such a passion.

It was a ladybug! 

The first one this year.

Just a few days ago our mourning dove came back. Faye has been outside nearly every day cooing with it. We saw the blue jay that lives in our pine trees.

All the signs of spring are here, and I can't remember exactly what it was that had turned me off of the beauties of this season.

I can't wait to experience every single joy with my children. Again and again and again, as long as they will let me.

Welcome Spring!


Lisa said…
Eeeek! I love that puffy little vest Beth has! So cute! And seriously, your girls are both so gorgeous. You'd better get some sticks to beat the boys off!

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