An Afternoon in Utopia

I feel victorious!

It is 8:30 and all the children are in bed, the house is clean, and I too, am in bed, and blogging! Miracles happen, my friends, they really do happen.

Today was wonderful, as predicted. I slip-slided Keith to school on the icy roads this morning, and as soon as we got home Beth and Faye frolicked in the snow while I promptly got to work on bread baking. Because there is something about the huge fat flakes falling from the sky, and the arctic temperatures that invite bread baking. That and we have been out of bread for about a week. But the romanticism of baking during a snow storm just gets me somehow.

After noses, cheeks and fingers were thoroughly icy, the girls tramped in with snowflakes glistening like glitter all over their disheveled hair, making them look like Eloise Wilkin drawings, all cherubic and glowing.

After the obligatory hot chocolate with marshmallows, the girls sat on stools and helped me grease the pans, roll out the dough, and then transfer the dough to the pans. I have tiny rolling pins and little loaf pans for them  to make their own loaves, and now I am really wishing I had thought to take a picture of their adorable loaves when they came out of the oven, but they were promptly devoured with the satisfaction of ownership.

I feel like I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen, between baking bread, cleaning it up, making lunch, putting Beth down for her nap and then beginning my next batch of bread. But it is an easy thing for me to do, the family loves the fresh baked bread so much, and I really enjoy the pastoral elements of baking it and having fresh made bread in the house, so we all win. I make so much so I can trade for Faye's preschool tuition (3 loaves a week) or Keith's piano sometimes. It is very convenient for me and makes us all happy.

While I was cleaning up dinner tonight, the kids disappeared. Well, the big kids. Beth has been wanting to be very close to me lately, so she was playing between and around my feet while I washed dishes. Keith and Faye came bursting in with huge grins on their lovely little mugs, along with pen all over their faces.

They had decided to "be Daddy," so had taken pen and tried to make beards on their little faces.

I love their creativity!

I love the obvious idol worship they have for their Daddy. It is the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi!  I left them falling over each other as they tried to sit on shoulders being the top half and the bottom half of their hero. But they were laughing too hard to be very stable or safe.

Now that the house is quiet, I am going to snuggle beneath my covers with a good book and welcome the drowsiness that reading brings relishing in the utopian life I get to lead.

At least for the moment.


Lisa said…
Love it! Such a beautiful day!! And your kiddos are so darn creative. :)

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