Because Green

The plague has hit our home.

You know the one. It isn't nearly as deadly or tragic as the Black Death, but it has certainly been spreading and infecting homes in my neighborhood with the speed and intensity of the Bubonic plague. I can't complain, really. We have a much more mild case than all our neighborhood, but still, it is miserable.

The girls have been fighting croup for over a week. I get to take them in to see the doctor tomorrow. I am both excited and relieved. I am not sure how much more of Faye's grumpy and irritable energy I can take. Her sickness hasn't slowed her down at all, only made her much more snappy and hard to be around. I will be so happy to have her sweetness back when she is feeling better. 

On the plus side, I have learned something about myself. When I am worried about something, I go into a mad cleaning phase. Our house has been getting quite the over haul. 


Saturday night Faye had a fever and her breathing seemed to be shallow and fast. I took her over to our neighbor who is an EMT and works in the emergency room. He looked her over and told me to take her in to the doctor when I could get an appointment, but to just watch her closely until then. When I got home, I took down all of the Valentine's Day decorations and put up the St. Patrick's decor. Just walking into my living room and seeing all that green makes my heart pitter patter. Green is one of my utmost favorite colors. And since I can't live in a forest, bringing all the green I can into my home just makes sense. 

That and I love to decorate.

And the kids and I are sort of getting very excited for the leprechauns. My friend who made the pants last year is going to make me a jacket to be left behind this year, and I have pranks saved up for them. As odd as it may seem, St. Patrick's Day may well be becoming my second favorite holiday. Because Halloween is nothing but a party, but St. Patrick's Day is full of magic and mystery and wee men who wear a lot of green and play jokes on people. Which is so much fun for everyone involved!

I have been waiting to be able to let the merriment begin for quite a long time. I had to keep reminding myself that Valentine's Day had to come first, and I couldn't decorate in green until it was over. Which leads us back to Saturday night and my worried cleaning.

I also tackled my bedroom, and I am super pleased with it. For the first time of my married life, I have actually put my room together. It is just how I like it.

Until I decide to change it around, again. But see, that is the beauty of owning a house. I can re-arrange to my heart's content. I can swap out furniture, paint the walls (which I plan to do), or do anything I really want to do. Because I can. Merely having that freedom to chose makes me so happy!

This is my bed at the moment.

I absolutely love the angle and the shutters! I am going to have to raise them, and I think I will eventually mount them to some plywood to make an actual headboard out of them. But for now, they make me happy just the way they are. 

And for the first time ever, my wall of pictures!
I know some of the frames are crooked. I don't care. I am going to eventually paint and then I will worry about fixing it.
I am just giddy to be in my room, and that feels so good. 

I have to admit, though, the first time I walked into my room after re-arranging it, my first thought was "Who has been playing in my room and moved my bed?! Those darn kids!" And then I realized it was me, and I had a good hard belly laugh. 

I like to make my life interesting, it would seem.


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