Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wheezing and Rascals

Today Mimi was scaring me. She is 60 now, which in Down Syndrome translates to so much older than that.

Lately, she has been having.. complications of sorts. She always has a harder time in January, for some reason. January bumps, we call them. Every year in January things just seem to get bumpy for her health wise.

While she comes here, I do everything I can to help her be comfortable and happy, but this week has just been hard. She gets here and wants to lay down. I have to help her up and down and to the bathroom, and all of that good stuff.  Lately, though, especially this week, she has been wheezing when she breathes while laying down. She has been having trouble with lots of things. Monday I called my mother in law to come and check on Mimi. Her pulse was lower and the breathing thing was really weird and worrisome.

Especially today. She had me rushing into the room where she was every two minutes or so with her wheezing breathing. I was so worried about her! I tried recording her breathing to show her sister (my mother in law) and see what she thought about it, to see if she was worried as well.

I wasn't sure if it was Mimi thinking if she scared me enough I would call her sister who would come and rescue her, or if it was actually something to worry about.

When my MIL got there, I showed her the videos of Mimi, and she looked at Mimi, and said "Mimi, are you being dramatic?"

And Mimi laughed.

All the wheezing and whimpering she had been doing was just her being dramatic, having fun scaring me.

That nymph!

She is just a rascal.

Speaking of rascals, Beth has been all over the place lately.  I was trying to clean today, I turned around and found this.

A few minutes later I turned around and she was at it again.

Between those two, life is never dull.

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Emmy said...

Lol you are being kept very busy! So funny Mimi was doing that to trick you.