Irish Pub Potatoes and Romance in the Toilet Isle

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary. It is sort of surreal that so much time has gone by. I feel like Jeffrey and I have always been together, and yet it seems like yesterday that we got married. Funny how time can do that, isn't it? We didn't really get to celebrate yesterday, though, because Jeffrey is now working 10-11 hour days and is so tired when he gets home from work. Anticipating this, the kids and I got some pizza, enjoyed our dinner, I got them ready for bed, and by seven o'clock they were all in bed and he and I could enjoy a few short hours together before we had to go to sleep.

So we ate pizza and watched Red Dwarf.

Because we are romantic like that.

We did get to celebrate on Saturday, though. Some dear friends of ours set up with Jeffrey for them to come over and watch the kids so we could go on a date. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I figured out something was going on by the way Jeffrey kept walking out of the room when he got a phone call, and how he would smile every time he walked back in. I hate surprises, and so lovingly coerced him into telling me what was up. It was such a sweet gesture, and I am so grateful for them and their help. And because we are so romantic, we got Indian food and then went to the hardware store. Jeffrey got a lock for our shed, we picked out colors swatches to paint the kitchen and Beth's room, and we bought a new toilet seat. It was steamy in the hardware store, I tell you what! Nothing like a toilet seat to get the passion and romance rolling. 

Today was back to business as usual. The girls and I cleaned up the upstairs and then Faye's room, and then I spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking. Cookies, rolls, and a gorgeous concoction I dubbed Irish Pub Potatoes.

Oh my glorious goodness! I had no idea they would be as good as they actually were. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I would pay good money for those potatoes again. And I am not a potato lover. Then again, if you add bacon, guacamole and cheese to anything, it will make it incredible. For the recipe follow the link to my recipe blog. You can thank me later.

Keith and Faye have been making me laugh. 

This one should be a movie poster. Faye is such a poser and cracks me up so much!

They get up to the funniest things, and I love when they come in and demand I photograph them. 

Since Jeffrey dubbed January as "No TV Month" we have been doing a lot of reading as a family. 

It has been so wonderful, and I think every one of us has benefited from it. When we have our family read-a-thons, I don't get much reading from my books done, though. Someone has to read to the girls. 

But I don't mind. I love how Beth will grab a book, hand it to me and demand "tory!" She will then slowly back up into my lap and snuggle there while I read the book times infinity, or until I don't turn the pages fast enough.

I can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings. And more of those potatoes!


It's funny I just realized you are the only friend I have who keeps her daughters hair short as well :) Love it!
It's funny I just realized you are the only friend I have who keeps her daughters hair short as well :) Love it!
It's funny I just realized you are the only friend I have who keeps her daughters hair short as well :) Love it!

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