The First Thanksgiving

This year was my first year ever of doing Thanksgiving.

My brother and his wife came into town and so we had a lovely family dinner on Wednesday, and Thursday I got to make dinner for my adorable little family.

Wednesday was simply divine. I was in charge of the place markers. By tradition my mother always made incredible cornicopias. She would make them out of ice cream cones and fill them with wonderful treats. It was my favorite. This year my mother asked that I make something different.

The kids and I made pretzel turkeys.

It was so much fun! Probably will be a tradition, now.

More than that, though, spending time with my family was the best part of that day.

Of course.

Thursday morning dawned, and I pulled out all of the advice I had been given over the previous week on how to cook a turkey, I sat down in the kitchen and went to town!

While the advice was all good, I had some ideas of my own. I rubbed the bird down with butter, and put a few pats of butter beneath the skin. I rubbed sage beneath the skin as well. I put a chopped onion, the celery leaves leftover from the dressing, and a cinnamon stick inside the fowl, along with some parsley, more rubbed sage, rosemary and thyme. Just like Simon and Grafunkel told me to. I then accidentally cooked the whole thing upside down. I put it in the oven at 450 for 30 minutes and then 350 for the rest of the time.

Can I tell you, I hate turkey. I always have. It doesn't matter who cooks it, how its cooked or any of that nonsense. I just don't like turkey.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when this turkey came out of the oven, it was quite literally falling off the bone. It was so tender and juicy and I am sure if I enjoyed the taste of turkey (which I still don't), I would have loved it. Jeffrey said it was the best turkey he had ever had. I don't know if that is him being honest or a dutiful husband not wanting to hurt my feelings. I was quite proud, though.

Then all the rest of the usual Thanksgiving foods. Dressing, yams, green bean casserole, corn, rolls, green jello with cottage cheese. You know, the usual. The kids loved it, Jeffrey loved it, but I was worn out. By the end of the day, though, I was so frustrated! My pie dough wasn't working, and I sat down, frustrated, so near crying. The wonderful kids rushed to my side and hugged me and told me that they didn't need pie, dinner was delicious.

My kids are amazing.

And so today,. Faye and I decided to try again to make some pies.

We first baked some bread, and then went to town on the pie.

Pumpkin of course.

I love spending time with that girl.

While the bread and pies cooked, the girls decided to play the piano, sing, and dance.

However, she has a hard time letting the pie cool. It is currently full of finger holes.

I love days like this, full of food and memories and fun!

Poor Keith, he isnt in a lot of my pictures anymore because he is always gone. I'll need to rectify that.


*Jess* said…
I am not the biggest fan of turkey either, ( I keep hoping and expecting it to taste like good dark meat chicken!) but it sounds like I would have eaten yours in a heart beat! Great job!
Susan Anderson said…
I like turkey…once a year, and no more.

Looks like you made it wonderful, Amy. Why am I not surprised??


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