My Excuses and Week 4 2014 Review Extravaganza!!!

Today is my final post for the 2014 Review Extravvaganza! It has been wonderful being able to participate in this review, and I look forward to joining again next year. For anyone who hasn't linked up yet, just do a recap of your year and you can be entered to win some some of the great prizes that are being offered this year! For those who have played along, thank you, and don't forget to link up!

October is my favorite time of the year. I always write a few "Ode to October" kind of posts. I can't really help it. And I always post tons of pictures. If only my computer hadn't lost them all.  Sigh. But October is our party month. There are 5 birthdays in the month, all in our families, so we do a lot of playing. Add to that our annual October 1st party, to celebrate the coming of the party month (just what we need, right? Another party.), and Halloween, it adds up to be quite a month! This is the month I pondered on the fact that marriage is nothing at all like I expected, and how my feet can defy the laws of physics, reaching a state of absolute zero. It's quite something, I tell you!

November didn't calm down much. We had the Primary Program, which was my first ever, and while there were some definite things that were amazing about it, there were also some things that were very disappointing. But no worries, you live and you learn and next year's will be so much better. I have to clarify, none of the disappointment came from the kids. They were wonderful! It came from extras that we had tried to do but didn't get enough support with. Rant over. This is the month we had our first snowfall of the season. The girls and I relished playing in the powder, and Beth made it very clear she hates her snowsuit. She is such a funny girl. Faye had her birthday, and she finally got her heart's wish. A kitten of her very own. She had been asking for one for such a long time, and since we were finally in our own place, we could fulfill that wish. We got her a beautiful kitty from the animal shelter who she named Tai Lee, or any variation on the spelling of the name. After her birthday, Faye decided she had had enough, and she snipped away her beautiful curls. I was devastated as she had done the same thing a mere six months earlier. That girl!

December began with quite the adventure! The power went out, and was out nearly all day. It had gone out sometime around 2 or 3 in the morning, and stayed out until nearly 4 in the afternoon. At that time I was so grateful for my horde of candles, and even more so for our gas fire place. We didn't freeze as so many others in our neighborhood did.  And we were even able to have some hot cocoa. I grabbed my tea kettle which is designed for a camping fire, and placed it very near the flames. After a long wait, the water was finally hot enough to make a toasty drink to warm up our insides. The kids loved every second of it! After that frigid cold day, we had quite a warm spell. During that warm spell was a whole day that was a complete Tender Mercy. I was overcome with how wonderful my life was at that moment. The children were laughing, windows were open, the sun was spilling gold all over my kitchen, and things were simply magical. I am so grateful for that day and the joy that filled my heart. Even remembering it is a way to help the gratitude well up inside of me. I am so blessed! I didn't post much in December because I had so much going on. I was helping a lady in my ward out by watching her kids from 4:00 am - 5:30 pm. I hesitate to mention this as I don't want any praise, or people to say "you are so good," or any of that.  She needed help and I couldn't bear to not help her. Except it got to be too much. I could only handle it for about 2 weeks before I couldn't do it anymore. Physically I was not able to. Her 9 month old baby has some serious food allergies, and was teething. Her son is in kindergarten, which actually wasn't hard at all.  He played with Keith and Faye and they kept each other out of trouble and had a blast together. But it was so hard with Beth competing with her baby, and the baby needing so much attention. I really didn't get anything done in those two weeks! And then there was the day I watched my friend's daughters, one was 5 weeks old and the other 20 months old, all at the same time. I still laugh at that day. I had 4 babies under the age of 20 months. It was awesome. I kept thinking "this is what it would feel like if I ever had twins. Or more." That day was great, and they all were, really. The lady's kids are so good and such sweet kids and I felt so bad when I told her I couldn't help her anymore. I still feel bad, but know that I wouldn't have been able to last much longer without getting seriously sick, both emotionally and physically. Emotionally because I wasn't getting anything done and messes drive me bonkers! Physically sick from lack of sleep. I have mentioned those excruciating sleep deprived migraines and vertigo from lack of sleep before. Yuck! And I rambled about all of that to explain why I barely blogged all month long. And then there was Christmas. And my husband is deliriously close to finishing school, but that means it is serious crunch time. Which means no time for me to play on the computer.

It gets less crazy, right? Someone please tell me things slow down!

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