Monday, December 29, 2014

Knock Knock

Last night it snowed. Not a ton, but enough to pad  the ground a little.

Jeffrey was doing homework until late and feel asleep on the futon. Which meant Tai Li and I could sprawl on the bed with no ramifications.


I was having a very sweet dream with my kitty following me around like a very feline version of Toto. You know, aloof and disinterested if you paid any attention to her, but intensely curious if you weren't watching, so she followed me around my dream in a sort of haughty way that all cats possess. Suddenly, from my dream I was jarred awake by a loud pounding. It sounded like a very hard knuckled rap on the door. Two of them, in fact. It jolted me awake, and even the cat jumped when the knock came.

It terrified me! Jeffrey was all the way downstairs, and I really didn't want to get out of bed, but who would be pounding on our door at 3 in the morning? It was actually 2:53, but who's counting? I climbed out of bed and tiptoed down the hall and through the living room.  Rather than turn to go down the steps, though, a tiny flame of courage was trying to get out. Instead of getting Jeffrey, I crept to the window and ever so slightly parted the blinds, just enough to peek out.

Darkness there, and nothing more.

Not even a footstep in the sparkling carpet of freshly fallen snow.

My skin pricked for about half a second, and then tired brain kicked in.

"No one is there, and there are no footprints. It's cold out here. Your bed is cozy warm. Forget about it. Go back to that lovely dream you were having."

I was far too groggy to argue with such sound reasoning.

So I went back to bed.

But still, I am haunted.

Was it a dream? If so, why did my cat jerk awake and look to the door at the same instant I did? If it wasn't a dream, where did that sound come from?

When I told Jeffrey about it today, I rapped on the door sharply to demonstrate the sound and I got chills as it was the exact sound I had heard in the night.


It's all ruddy mysterious, if you ask me.

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Susan Anderson said...

It is, indeed. And I have to admit that I love a good mystery…


PS. Happy New Year, Amy. And a wish for no new unexplained rapping at the door in 2015.